Well, I guess there really is no rest for the wicked.  Or dinner,
at least.  Come back, kinda pissed at Dad for telling me *squat* after all
I had done to get him out, to find Mom lying on the ground with a black
eye, mumbling something about a flash of red.  Once I put her to rest on
the bed, she had a less cryptic clue, though.  Julian and Caine.
Bastards.  Only good thing is, Sand is a bigger bitch than the both of
them.  Of course, that doesn't help Dad much.  He's back where he started,
minus a ring finger and element of surprise, should Bleys try to extricate
him again.  All these relatives running around and Random, bless his
heart, says, "I told them not to do that again."  I'm sure such a viscous
slap on the wrist will work wonders for their disposition.

	There is one clue to the greater puzzle that I've gleaned from all
this.  Vetch lied.  I know it's no cosmic truth or anything, but the trick
to this little tidbit is that I know *what* he lied about (or have
conjectured enough for my own satisfaction).  He and Sand are in this up
to their necks, side-by-side.  It can't be coincidence that he took off
shortly after Dad was taken.  Again, that legendary Amber security.  He
did make a mistake, though--left by powers of faerie; that'll limit him as
to his destinations.  The hunt isn't any easier by any means, but at least
there won't be that blind sensation at the beginning.

	So here I am...again.  Ready to set out after Dad, who seems to
need rescuing much too often.  Note to myself:  Find some burly guards,
next time.  For now, I add to my list of revenge, although Sand is still
the #1 Hit.  As for the others, I will bide my time, but I will act.

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