My father is back.  I suppose that should make things easier.  I
doubt it will.  My mother has come to Amber to visit, finally, not that
she has much choice.  Sand will come a'callin, I'm sure.  Although, it
seems that her plans are much broader than any personal vendetta against
my father or myself, I'm certain that he and the key Spikard figured
greatly into those plans.  And on top of that, I'll be sleeping in a cot
until things settle down.

	Vetch knows about the whole thing, of course.  It seems that Sand
double-crossed him.  I wonder how Ahab will take me teaming up with Vetch
against a known relative.  Frankly, I guess I don't care.  If Vetch wants
Sand's blood as well, fine by me.  We can gather a "posse" and trash her
precious desert oasis.  Then my only problem will be watching Vetch for a
double-cross.  He's proven that he doesn't care a whit for anyone else,
even Ariana (especially Ariana!).  He'd as soon get to be chummy just so
that he can get your mother pregnant as he would actually make your
acquaintance (and I'm sure Mom wouldn't mind too much, either).

	 Let's face it.  I'm WAY out of my league here.  Heather can
prance about, thinking that in this short time she's ready to conquer the
universe, but I harbor no such self-delusions.  Right now, I need to nurse
Dad back to health.  He's the spoiler for everyone's little plan.  My
self-appointed duty is to keep him alive until he can see to that himself.
Unfortunately, that is quite a lonely task.  Bleys has certainly been
helpful, but I find it hard to believe that he, lone among House Barimen,
does things to help people, completely selflessly.

	So now I sit tight in my little room, with my protective magics
about it.  I hope Mebd understands.  I hope Random doesn't have any
official business.  Above all, I hope my father wakes soon.  We have a
long talk scheduled.

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