Well, the last few days have been quiet and routine...for myself,
at least.  I can't say the same for the others.  It seems after all this
time that Castle Amber still has the 'ol welcome mat out for any minor
demon to come charging through the front door, with nothing to declare
except that a member of the youngest generation will die by its hand.  It
really does make one stop to think.  I think I will beef up the defenses
in my room shortly.

	I tried to help Ariana as much as I could.  Although I don't
exactly have a brotherly affection for Lord Vetch, I don't really have a
reason to hate him, and at the very least he keeps the Hendrakes'
collective mind busy.  Unfortunately, I had to help despite her wishes.
It is so unfortunate when one has to do that.  I got blood samples from
the various splotches I saw in the room, and gave the one reputed to be
Morgan's to Random for analysis, as I haven't quite mastered finding a
*potential* for the powers of Pattern and Logrus.  (But Fiona can; I must
make sure and beat a hasty retreat if I find her staring too intensely at
me, assuming Bleys hasn't already told her.)  Random told me the next
morning that the blood did indeed have the potential for Pattern and
Logrus.  Could Vetch have been so careless?  I don't see how he might have
gotten such blood, since none of the castle's children are complaining
about a paper cut going the entire length of their arm (about what he'd
need to soak that blanket).  Certainly, Morgan himself wouldn't have
survived donating it.  Did Merlin have a hand?  Doubtful, since he's on
the other side, almost certainly.  Could he have shapeshifted it?  I
cannot believe that.

	And yet, I can't believe that Vetch would leave himself to be
attacked by a Pit Demon, either.  No matter how powerful a single
creature, you don't survive for centuries as a target of the Hendrakes by
deciding to take a night off from the struggle.  Of course, I must ask
myself why I really care.  Am I feeling family sentiment?  I certainly
hope not.  That could be quite dangerous for my position.  Perhaps I could
arrange a trade with Ariana...

	On a more personal front, I have begun Mebd's survival lessons.
The progress seems...erratic from time to time, but I think she is making
some.  After all, when I planted the faux pas, she didn't jump up and
scream, "You can't tell them I'm a demon!" but merely gave me a foul look.
I will have to make sure and point that scene out in the future, so chock
full of advanced lessons as well, such as deflecting attention, "Very
well, dear.  How about you, Heather?" and noticing the reaction of third
parties as well.  Emer's look was precious!  She must think me a complete
cad.  It could certainly prove useful if I need to talk to her in the
future.  She should be quite unprepared (or, with her mother's tutelage,
at least underprepared) for what games I might play.

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