Now I finally am finding a place in the universe.  It is now more
imperative than ever that I hasten my father's release.  Luckily, I have
Bleys personally planning the rescue.  That leaves me with the small task
of deducing just why Bleys is so helpful.  I suppose he really has been
quite cooperative in various family actions in the past, but I think this
is of a smaller nature than what he usually volunteers for.  Has my father
promised him power in return?  Has Sand affected his trinkets by
controlling their source?  Or does he merely seek to gain control himself
once Sand is out of the way?  I must not be content with sitting idly by;
too much is at stake for me to let this one go.

	I managed to stop the nightmares that plagued myself and those
close to me.  Quite simple, actually, though I did not want to alert my
dear Aunt that I was on to her before I had a chance to explore a bit more
(Mother and Mebd, please forgive me).  My suspicions were mostly confirmed
by my searchings with the Logrus--the source was definitely in Sand's
Shadow.  However, I couldn't nail down its exact location, so I have to
make do with the consolation prize.  At least we will all sleep better
now, even if it will encourage Mother to spend more time in her bedroom.

	Ahab's wedding certainly seems to have been a smashing success, on
all counts.  I must make appropriate compliments.  The bachelor party was
without compare--I must say, I'm surprised Julian had it in him, stuck out
there in the woods with his men and dogs and all, separated
from...civilization.  It was unfortunate that there were no sober pages
available for serving breakfast in the morning, but I managed to find
myself a hot start to the day fairly well.  The ceremony itself was
certainly trademark Flora, even giving others'...personal touches.  Even
the reception was exceptional--many people (even Felix!) seemed to have
taken advantage of the sheer star power present to do a bit of networking.

	In the more present state of affairs, I have begun tutoring Mebd,
ostensibly in "etiquette," but more-to-the-point in "getting a clue."
Although this may indeed weaken my own day-to-day influence on her, I
think she will profit greatly from our tutoring sessions.  In the position
she now holds, her very life may depend on just how large those profits
are.  And, she may actually get some more of my jokes.

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