Not much to say, really, in this entry.  I suppose I've made some
important advances, but in the recap, the grandeur is really quite lost.
I guess I can start with the smaller bit.  I found quite a nice political
play to pull on Heather, should the need arise.  It seems that Random and
his staff aren't careful enough to read all versions of political
documents.  An elementary mistake, really.  He should prove quite peeved
at the Lady Protector when and if he finds out just whose side she really
is on.  I must make a mental note to tell Mebd not to go blabbering that
out at supper time, as Heather told her outright that Rathkavren was a
subsidiary of Chaos.  Another elementary mistake, I guess.

	The other bit is both more disturbing and more cryptic.  I found
the source of the power being used to control my (our) dreams.  At least,
a partial definition.  It was done with Trump, which is quite odd because
I should be able to detect it.  Could the Spikards be related to Trump?
Do they share the same source of power?  That could be quite a weakness
indeed, as it takes quite a bit of the mystery out of Auntie Sand's little
trinkets.  An elementary mistake on my part, I guess, jumping to the
conclusion that the dreams are Sand's doing.  I don't know who else it
might be, though.  I suppose it could be House Hendrake, who might be mad
at Bleys, Mebd and I for various reasons, but it certainly seems a bit too
subtle for them.  No, I am convinced it is Sand, and I have a way to prove

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