I should have known.  I know of no greater bitch in all of
reality.  I think Rygat would have made a better mother than Heather.
After all, look at everything she did for the sake of her children.  Of
course, Mebd isn't her real child; maybe that factors into it.
Inexcusable, in any case.  After all her pompous, two-faced speeches about
caring for her daughter, she turns out to be merely another pawn (and
easily-manipulated, at that) for her to use.  If only Mebd's feelings were
reciprocated by her.  I wonder if she feels the same about Mandor?  Or he
about her, I might ask.  How deliciously ironic that might be.  Enough of
my ranting, though; I must not let it get too consuming.  Mebd will have
to take care of her own delicate psyche for now; I have bigger (and more
personal) fish to fry.

	The dreams have been quite shocking.  Could they be meaningless
barbs thrown at me by my dear Auntie Sand with her little trinket (I
should have grabbed it when I had the chance!), designed to put animosity
between me and my benefactor?  Could they be a more long-distance message
from my father, similar to what he had sent me in Sand's Shadow?  Although
I have taken steps to further determine their sources, I tend now to be
skeptical of their message (direct message, anyway).  Why would Bleys
suddenly want to kill me?  Surely I have done nothing since I last saw him
that would put him at odds with me.  And if it was before then, he could
have done away with me as I rested in his personal Shadow.

	For now, I try to get as much sleep as I can.  Perhaps I should
look into Mebd's channeling abilities for magic.  Maybe she could prove to
be a wild card in this game.  Luckily, she seems in control of her
faculties, despite learning of her mother's manipulation of her.  And she
seems to accept the current (and unofficial) nature of our relationship,
if only as a temporary state.  This gives me time to sort out my current
dilemma and plot against my newfound enemy and relative.  Beware, Aunt
Sand; this small fish just may turn out to be a piranha.

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