Well, at least my closer relatives seem to be better jailers than
the average Amberite.  Fairly good, if a little weak on the improv side.
The dogs were quite a challenge, but I almost was able to escape, except
for her one little trick.  Still weak on the manacles, though.

	Uncle Bleys had a surprise or two in him, as well.  Dad seemed to
have trusted him to rescue me.  I must talk to him about the bad blood
between Father and Gˇrard.  Recommendations from both sides certainly
speak to him as the leading candidate.  If only I could find him to talk
to him.  I wonder if Father had to reveal our relationship to get him to
rescue me?  I'll keep that under wraps, if I can.  Maybe I can even
convince him to help me even the score with Father; after all, he can
hardly repay the favor he owes Bleys in his current state.

	And, as always, there is plenty of misery leftover after I've
spent all my time.  All this consideration, and I'm going to have to
search for Mebd the old-fashioned way.  She probably ran to her mother,
which (I think) will narrow the choices down a bit.  Maybe I can call the
Courts and see where Mandor is staying.  I'm sure Heather would have
followed her love-puppet around, wherever he might have gone.

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