A royal mess...that's the only term for it.  I've been in worse
situations before, but I could count them on one hand.  If I could get my
hand free.  What a mess.

	It would seem that Amber could use a few lessons in imprisoning
Chaosites from Auntie Sand.  Not that they would want anything to do with
her, if she treats all of her relatives this way upon arrival.  She seems
to have suppressed my shapeshifting abilities magically, which doesn't
really help the wounds that were inflicted on me when I arrived here.  I'm
not sure if my access to the Logrus has been likewise affected, but I'm in
neither the position or shape to try anything with it.

	About the only thought I have to comfort me is what revenge I
might have on Sand.  Of course, I have to get out, first.  Sand said she
may let me out eventually, if I'm good, but I'm not inclined to believe
that she'll ever set me free, at least as long as I'm a tool to use
against Delwin.  I suppose Heather may be Trumping me soon, but given
Mebd's state when last I saw her, I'm not sure she'll be inclined to help
me out of my predicament.  Come to think of it, I don't really relish the
thought of being indebted to her for such a rescue, not to mention
presenting myself before her in my drawers.  Maybe Father will come to the
rescue (though it seems that may cost him dearly).  Maybe he won't.

	Maybe I need some time to cool off.  I knew I shouldn't have
raised Mebd's hopes so high.  Now it may cost me everything, not just my
political position.  Mother says that marrying a mere demon will make me a
laughingstock, then in the next breath says that she couldn't care less
what the members of the Courts could think.  I, on the other hand, find it
difficult to dismiss popular opinion so casually.  I guess it must come
with practice.  Having at least one pole of reality to call home would be
nice.  I was hoping to talk to my father and see what happened between him
and Gˇrard (no use declaring parentage when they're already in exile
themselves).  No turning back now, I guess.  I go with the only plan I can
right now--wait and see.  I just hope the room service is OK.

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