Everything falls into place...many layers to that thought.  It's
almost a bit scary.  Mebd and I seem to have both survived her mother's
knowledge of our relationship.  Mother certainly wasn't as hard to
convince.  I thought she'd nigh well jump out of her skin with excitement
upon hearing of my newfound love.  It's so touching that she cares about
my feelings for another.  Now all we need to do is convince the Hendrakes
of the rightness of it all, and we will be well again.

	I had quite a nice visit to Chaos, even if Mebd didn't accompany
me.  My time with Mother was nice, though it would have been nice to not
have had Eric there to listen in.  A sibling!  Unbelievable!  I just can't
wait for the proverbial shit to hit the fan when she tells him of her
past...affairs.  That should put quite a new light on Eric's true
personality.  I must discuss this with her.

	Things went a bit better with His Majesty.  I finally have my
Trump back, and both he and Mother seemed pleased with my gifts.  You must
admire a spell that is useful on many fronts.

	Lord Suhuy was the highlight of the evening, however.  After
shooting the bull for a while, we got into quite a bit of deep pondering.
I am troubled by some of what he said.  He said that the Patterns and
Logrus are vying for the crossbreed children.  How direct is this
intervention?  Are there some under direct control of the poles of
reality?  Or are they somehow able to act independently?  I can believe
that of the Logrus, but how can the unchanging Patterns be sentient as
well?  Perhaps I should step more carefully around Castle Amber.

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