Such a mix of things going on.  It's not a neutral time, just so
much good and bad mixed together that it's more of a marble-ish than gray.

	It's really Random's own fault.  He should be in charge of his own
household, not letting everyone wander about planning (overt)
bloodlettings.  I wonder who it was who took my message...little scum
twisted it about quite nicely, I must say, if he were an enemy of Amber.
I should look into that.  At least he liked my gift.  Makes me almost
sorry I hadn't placed any traps on it.

	Mebd is certainly enjoying her newfound freedom.  Her mother
doesn't seem too upset about the whole thing, either.  Well and good, I
guess.   I shall have to ask her how she would mind visiting Chaos.
Before I do, however, I must find out exactly what Mandor did to release
her from her servitude.  Does she even know?  No bother; I'm sure Mother
will be delighted.  It probably won't even be too scandalous; I may be
noble, but I'm a noble bastard, so marrying a commoner shouldn't be all
that bad.

	That brings about more that I don't think I can
answer.  Luckily, I know who just might...

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