A rank amateur...I can't believe how engulfed I was about things
political.  And now I may see the price for my one-track-mindedness.  I
wish Mebd would Trump me soon.  I assume, at least, that since I am alive,
Heather didn't see fit to kill her, either.  I suppose at the worst it
would mean a hurried ceremony.  I certainly have no intention of Mebd
parading about in our ceremony as her mother did.

	I guess that would call for a trip to Chaos, with introductions to
be made.  I'm sure mother will think it hilarious.  Which reminds me--I
need to ask Mebd what her true name is; it certainly would be a faux paus
to introduce her to His Majesty while giving a false one.  Then there's
that matter of delivering a personal thank-you note to the Crown Prince.
And finally, a short visit to Lord Suhuy, for a small discussion on things
arcane.  A full docket, indeed.

	Maybe I might even check on the plots against Amber.  I have a
gift for Random as well, so I might as well make good use of my

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