Mortality...and immortality.  Some fascinating, if disturbing,
lessons have I recently learned.  Caitt is mortal.  Except after walking
the broken Pattern.  Now, her only regret is that she wasn't subjected to
Amber much earlier.  At least Laughter won't be mad at me for letting her
mother do what she wants to.  Mebd is immortal, or close to it , anyway.
Except she died; but Heather told me over tea that that wasn't necessarily
so.  I will be on my guard.  It would be characteristically like Heather
to be satisfied with a simulacrum of Mebd, that might walk and talk like
her; the outward appearance has always been the thing with Heather.  Who
knows?  She might not even know the difference by now.

	Of course, these two things lend me to wonder what might happen if
a demon tried to walk a broken Pattern...

	Mother brought up the subject of my own immortality.  She wants me
to marry.  Of course, she insisted that she had found a *perfect* girl.  I
met with her, but actually found myself thankful to Heather to let me out
of that situation.  It's not that there was something wrong with the
Feldane girl, but Mother certainly decided against the tactful approach
when bringing up the subject to me.  In fact, I had been thinking along
those lines myself, but I was thinking of the larger picture, perhaps
someone from Avalon.  Mother doesn't think I would be able to control
someone from Avalon.  As if that would necessarily be the reason.  I would
think a mere association with Avalon would outweigh the advantages of
contact with Feldane.  Perhaps not, though; Mother was certainly
interested in their libraries.  I wonder if they could actually hold
something of more than mundane value?  Perhaps a short tour of castle
Feldane would clarify things.

	Finally, I think of Mother's mortality.  She certainly thinks it
great fun to stir up Vixen's emotions.  Eric might not be half as clever
as Mother, but he certainly is a better fighter.  I just hope Mother is
careful enough to avoid a direct confrontation with Vixen.

	I have yet to contemplate the mortality and/or immortality of my
two passengers.  They come from mortal bodies, but seem to have (or, at
least, had) knowledge of a true Power.  What will happen to us when they
overcome their depression from the destruction of the Disc?  Whatever it
is, I don't think we will be able to live in our current states forever.

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