My thoughts are, momentarily, moved from my own self-pity.  Caitt
occupies them, though in ways that surprise me.  Our discussions about
faerie magic have remained just that--it seems that not everything
recovers as quickly as the Pattern; at least not here.  With the topic
winding down, Caitt decided it was a good time to ask me if I knew where a
broken Pattern was.

	Broken?  Who the hell broke it now?!?

	Caitt quickly explained the whole gist of the broken Pattern,
being an imperfect reflection, and able to confer immortality to a Shadow.
Apparently, they fall through the cracks, so to speak, and sneak their way
in.  Quite a lesson to teach our friends from Shadow.

	"The only way to survive is through trickery."

	Apparently Beauty has already walked such a Pattern.  But she is a
more real Shadow than Caitt.  Oh.  Caitt doesn't think she can survive
walking the same Pattern that Beauty did, but she thinks she could manage
one that's further out.  If not, she's dead, which she would be anyway, so
what would be the difference?  I can see her point.

	For a moment, I wonder if a half-demon, half-Shadow could have
survived such a trial, thus gaining a tie to a power source on this side.
If only we had known.

	I told Caitt that I could find her a Shadow further out, with a
"more broken" Pattern.  That said, we went to lunch.

	Laughter approached us.  I quietly asked Caitt if she told her
about her plans.  She said no, looking at me like I was the biggest idiot
in reality for suggesting such a thing.  So, I made a mental note to
suggest it again.

	After lunch, Caitt drew up a note, asking me to give it to
Laughter should she fail.

	Oh, no I won't.  I don't need that much pain.

	We finally agreed that she would Trump Laughter just before
walking the Pattern, in that Laughter's enormous powers of persuasion over
Caitt might falter, and Laughter would allow her to walk it.

	We headed out into Shadow, first reaching the Pattern that Beauty
walked.  I make a mental note.  From there, we walk "outwards," trying to
find a weaker Pattern that might still do the trick.  We find one.  I
suggest that the locals might know something to make it easier for her to
walk.  They are as helpful as the family members they resemble.  Joy.

	We stood at the mouth of the Pattern, and Caitt kept her word to
Trump Laughter.  I hope she doesn't regret it.  Laughter, after her
initial shock, managed to talk Caitt into waiting to see if Beauty can
make it easier on her by walking ahead of her.  Apparently, Caitt has
already done some consulting with Fiona on the subject.  I wonder if
Laughter will go off on her for it.

	We head back to Amber, still stupidly waiting for the other shoe
to drop.

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