All of my little schemes...all those little schemes of Amber, so
quickly washed away.  Yet again, some imbecile has decided that the major
powers of reality should take some time out in the penalty box.  Or
perhaps someone has gone to the trouble of creating a new power.  That
certainly isn't a very happy thought.  And the likelihood of it doesn't
add much charm to the idea, either.  What sort of power could be created
with the Eye of Destruction, should someone be familiar enough with the
Pattern and the Jewel to know of its creation?

	Such a worry seems distant now.  Our traditional enemies are
surely in the same position as we are -- effectively marooned, if only for
the moment.  At least I am near the Pattern, perhaps able to harness it
without too much delay.  I wonder how safe my dearest sister thinks
politics is now.  Many a former politician has spent their first moments
in death upon a spike.

	The first moments of death...there are worse, I suppose.  Like
dear Mebd's.  There was no comforting her through an illness, no
struggling against a foe...just emptiness.  Dearest Mebd, if there is a
way for this thing to be undone, I will do it.  But know, at least, that
those responsible shall enjoy a similar death, as retribution.

	A time of war is coming.  The Logrus barrier is surely down, and I
do not think that Zane will expend the energy to raise it again.  Power
will become a precious commodity, as things right themselves.  All will be
both extremely careful in how they expend it, and feel extremely
desperate, reduced to the thought of survival, as opposed to dominance. 
Indeed, I wonder how the more warlike houses will take this?  Certainly,
the power of flesh and steel is supreme, for the moment.  Perhaps Zane
will become a former politician, too.

	For myself, I am fortunately small enough to survive.  I will
avoid detection while finding out the cause of this event.  Then, will I
truly begin a scheme.

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