It seems the faeries have a new target.  That certainly makes me
feel better, knowing that I haven't been able to get any further along
with my own plans to gain an upper hand.  Unfortunately, the nature of my
defensive spell is now public; however, it does seem to be admired.  If I
can't have surprise, then respect will have to do.

	It seems that Vixen did not screen her staff very well.  Or that
her staff weren't the ones who were working that night.  However, despite
losing a night's sleep, Vixen now owes me twice, or so she says.  And she
should be quite well-disposed to completing any favor I might ask, knowing
who our now-mutual enemies are.

	Mebd went to the Pearl the night after the ruckus.  I monitored
the brothel during her stay, knowing her particular weakness in resisting
faerie charms.  The night seemed to pass quite quietly.  That is, until I
found Caitt waiting up for me, as well.  I still wonder if I will feel
comfortable in trying the Pearl's wares.

	Vixen seems to be convinced that Mother is behind her personal
assassination attempt (so conveniently occurring on the same night that
Vixen found out about the faerie infestation).  While I admitted Mother
might be capable of this, I told her I doubted it.  She seemed not to be
concerned that *she* was the one who was the target, but was worried about
Eric's safety because of it.  She must not have much experience with
stalking.  Nevertheless, I brought up the subject with Mother while I
protected her house, as well.  She, of course, denied everything.

	As for myself, none of this seems to be affecting me directly.  I
guess I will just go on with my plans, which I must bring up to Caitt

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