Of all the turns that life may take, why is it never one that was
foreseen?  Some might say that's the excitement of it all.  I, for one,
wish I was a bit more bored than I have been of late.

	Drumm is dead.  At least according to Laughter.  I've heard it
elsewhere also, but I don't know if that might just be attributable to her
ranting.  At least, in feeling that she needed to tell me, she doesn't
think that I had anything to do with it.  Unfortunately, that makes me a
bit angry.  I'm sure the news will trickle down eventually; maybe Teresa
will even call with it.  This definitely puts a wrinkle in our plan for
revenge (well, my plan for revenge, and Teresa's for power).

	Not that I feel very much like taking up that plan, anyway.  I was
quite smug, having worked up the courage to speak so plainly with
Benedict.  What he told me disturbed me.  Not that it's the worst thing a
family member has ever done, but then again, that's the point.  How can I
work up a holy fury for the killers of someone who would behave so basely? 
There's still the outside chance that it was a setup, but why?  It was an
event that occurred 200 years ago!  What great genius was so cunning as to
put in place machinations which have not yet been fathomed, or good gods,
has not yet come to fruition?  Certainly I would believe someone capable
of holding the truth from Gerard for this period, but Benedict?  And the
other elders?  What of them?  I could find writings about this event even
now; I'm sure it must be relatively common knowledge.

	It's not without its peculiarities, although, in Amber, perhaps
that's the mark of a mundane crime.  There is precious little information
about any further investigation, and precious little is known here about
the affected House.  What little is "known," consists of rumor and legend! 
Ha!  So very plainly do they operate.  And there is a witness.  I must
approach carefully, but the investigation is indeed reopened.

	Mebd and Caitt have received invitations to Vixen's brothel
opening.  Quite strange, indeed.  I don't believe Vixen even stopped
Mebd's screaming to ask her name, the one time they met.  Surely our
relationship must be a part of it.  I wonder how the attendees of the
first day have fared?  A little investigation may be in order; certainly
so before I attend, but perhaps before Mebd does, as well -- and maybe a
little extra preparation for her.

	In the meantime, I intend to take up the family business.  I need
to remember to ask Caitt if she would like to be my accomplice.  I would
think she would consider it quite fun.

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