My mind is overflowing with new ideas--new possibilities.  A
network.  Camouflaged.  Danger with the appearance of safety.  The mouse
who roared.

	Of course, the sex isn't bad, either.

	Caitt certainly is counterpoint to Mebd.  Self-effacing to a
fault, aware of being surrounded by her betters.  Yet, a bit of
playfulness in her eyes.  Yes, she will prove to be quite useful in my own
coming war.  And I think she will *enjoy* it.  Ha!

	She will also be able to help maximize Mebd's potential.  Mebd can
contain the power necessary, and Caitt's cunning will help protect them
both, when the time comes.  They seemed to have liked each other enough
when their relationship was purely social.  And even though Mebd is
(understandably) a bit trepidacious about the whole thing, I think they
will both get along quite well.

	The first obstacle that must be overcome is, unfortunately, an
internal one.  Can I place them into danger, given my feelings?  More
importantly, will they be willing to face the dangers ahead for me?  Yes,
it *must* be voluntary.  Of course, they cannot remember our
conversations--that would only increase the danger to them.  But I have a
remedy for that; at least in theory.  It will take some research time to
prove it out, but I think it's sound.  However, they will, if only for a
short time, know everything.  I owe at least that to them both.  They
shall be the cornerstone.  Caitt will prove to be an excellent organizer,
I think.  After we have entered our compact, they will be tasked with
finding other suitable candidates.  Mother will be able to help greatly on
that account, I think.

	I must talk to them.  Perhaps after we've shared a picnic.  Yes, a
relaxation, a joining first.  Then the real work begins.

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