I have completed my present for Vixen.  She took it with
suspicion, of course.  I explained, however, that I felt sorry that she
had such a rough introduction, and that I felt it was bad form to go into
negotiations with her when she was in such a bad position.  Besides, it
wasn't really that big of a deal for me; I had already investigated the
spell for my own use.  And who knows?  She might come up with something
better than I could have hoped for.  At the very least, she should be
cautious if asked to act against me.  Enough about that.

	Mebd had a bit of a scare, though, as always, she had no idea
about it.  It seems that even her talent for staying out here by the
Pattern has its limits.  Though, actually, I think that's a bit of a
misconception.  I think it's being anywhere away from Finch that would
have this effect on her.  Anyway, once diagnosed, it was easily taken care
of.  First, we visited Finch (still has that remarkably easy-to-travel
pathway) to see its effects, which were, if not spectacular, almost
immediate.  Knowing this, I merely had to channel Finch's magic into my
room (as a temporary measure), and for something more permanent, into a
locket for Mebd.  It should be interesting to she how she is, once fully
back to her normal capacities.  Maybe she'll be an even better tea time
companion for Caitt.

	I'm not sure what to say about Caitt.  Intellectually, she's quite
stimulating, and I've enjoyed all of our talks, both technical and
non-technical.  She's quite adept at magic, and I think she could even get
an understanding of the other powers, even if she would not be able to use
them herself.  However, her interest in me lately has definitely gone to
the non-platonic.  Now, on its own merits, I would have no problem with
this.  But, I must also worry about Mebd, especially considering the
precarious position she's in right now.  It really does sound strange,
looking at this as I write it down, worrying about the feelings of a
demon, but she is more than that.  Perhaps, when she has regained herself,
I will bring up the topic to her.  Now, I just have to think of how to
bring up this topic to Caitt.

	It certainly seems that I have a lot of superficial problems right
now.  I must not let them deter me from my true goal right now --
recovering the knowledge stolen from my father.

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