The King had his chance.  He blew it.  Now he needs to consult
with his expert in negotiations -- Laughter.  Laughter, indeed.  Well,
better her as ambassador than myself.  But really; one would have thought
that 40 years in the Middle East would have given him a lesson or two in
preparation for dealing with Faerie.  He warned me not to make an
"international incident" because of my "book."  The fool!  Does he think
Faerie is mad at Chaos, but has decided we're all right?  That's why the
Tir shows up every night.  Because the elders used to be fun toys to play
with.  The only reason we're not at blows with them yet, is that they're
more angry with Chaos, right now.  There is nothing that says they're
content to stop there.

	Well, I must give Laughter her chance, now.  Maybe all this
official-channel bullshit will lull a few into thinking I'm afraid to act
alone.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  At least Laughter has
experience with them.  Now all she has to do is remember not to eat the

	In the meantime, I've been working on a couple surprises.  First,
my gift to the assassin.  It really wasn't that much bother, having so
recently had to work similarly on myself.  One never knows when an
assassin can come in handy.  Second, is a bit more directly nasty for my
enemies.  Let them try to come and visit me.  I have plenty of room for
stuffed trophies.

	I promised Mebd a picnic.  She has been getting bored of late,
with all my studying.  She probably would never understand why I'm so
intent on it, either.  I wonder if I should cringe that she's talking to
Caitt, or be glad?  After all, Laughter is almost acting adult-like. 
Maybe Caitt does need someone else she can counsel.  However, I don't
think I'm ready to invite her with us on a picnic.  I don't think Mebd
would appreciate her company in that situation.  I need to think of some
way I can involve Mebd more in my plans.  I think she would enjoy it.

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