Well, I have resumed my true form.  Or rather, my former true
form.  Former and future.  An annoyance it is; one round to the faerie
bastards.  It also reminds me that I need to find a way into the Disc
without letting...him out.  I also must make an appointment with the King,
to tell him of the altered state of the book.  He has one strike against
him, but under the circumstances, I'll let that slide.  We'll see how he
deals with their treachery.  Maybe recent events can put a favorable spin
on this (for me, anyway).  It would be interesting to see his wrath
directed that way.

	It's not all bad, either.  Mebd got scared again, but she's been
screaming much more frequently recently, anyway, so I'm not that worried
about it.  And the assassin, Vixen...she was quite interested in
that...ability.  Certainly not enough to actually trust me, but I wouldn't
expect that, not after the family introduction by Brand.  Perhaps I shall
concoct the trinket for her anyway, as a gift.  Who knows what might turn
up from that?  She said that Vetch blocked her ability to change.  I
wonder what reaction he would have to such a thing?

	I am nearly back to normal, and more wary about the tome that I
have (and I do still have it).  I will study it under new light, and see
what it has to tell me.  I also have the perpetrator's ring, thanks to my
kindly sister, and anything the book can't tell me, I'm sure he can.

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