I'm not angry, really.  Not yet.  Annoyed, yes.  If I didn't have
to let that idiot out, it would have gone much better.  Of course that
particular procedure was fake.  If they had it, why wouldn't they have
gotten my ring (oh, it is MY ring, indeed) back already?  Or at least
while Teresa had it out of the box in the Discworld?  No, my overall mood
will in the end be determined by the amount of trouble I have to go
through to get myself in the correct form again.

	Let's say I'm not angry at the faeries, yet.  Not any more than I
am simply for their previous mischief.  I am most certainly mad at Teresa
for abandoning me here in this wretched place.  We shall see how willing I
am to share anything with her in the future.  That will be tricky, but
with the proper amount of planning, will be possible.  She found out that
there was some sort of judgment on the status of the book, so she either
has a close link somewhere in Amber, or somewhere in Faerie.  Either
possibility is quite enlightening, indeed.

	For now, I'm off to the University to regain my true form, one way
or another.  Let's hope, for the wizards' sake, that they prove to be

	As for the King, I gave him a chance.  My opinion has now been
calibrated toward his actions.

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