It seems the grand Amber tradition of assassination is thriving. 
Although, with no king around, there is a new twist.  First, the attempt
on Eric, and then Kimdyl's death.  Took out the Hellmaids, as well.  Quite
a fighter, apparently, although it's strange that the perpetrator was
captured (or so the rumors say).  That doesn't quite add up.  You would
think someone who started out the mission so professionally would have had
an exit, or at least a means of suicide.  It's almost like Kimdyl's own
introduction to Amber.  Such a professional onslaught, and then something
amateurish to finish it off.  Only she was under someone else's control. 
I wonder.

	Although it seems a bit vulgar to think so, I am quite perturbed
at these events.  This will certainly delay Nicholas' discussion with
Auberon.  I have spent the last day perfecting casting spells with one
arm.  Not too difficult, once you get the hang of it.  May come in handy
when I get my other hand back; could make combat interesting, casting
spells with one hand and fighting with a sword in the other.

	To break my boredom, I went and retrieved Mebd.  Now that I am not
in possession of a Spikard, I'm sure my status as target of Faerie has
dwindled quite a bit, at least in general.  I'm sure Drumm will try
something, in the meantime.  Perhaps it would be best to strike while the
iron is hot.

	I wonder if Mother would know of anything?  They seem to have
partially reconciled after their marriage; indeed, Mother seemed quite
moved by Father's death.  It seems strange that Father would have had only
a single copy of his research.  Then again, maybe it was the last
surviving copy.  It certainly seems to be a difficult task, with all of
Faerie apparently working on the other side.  I'm sure Teresa wouldn't
like the idea, but there certainly are some other family members with
firepower who would also be interested in Spikard research.

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