My life without the Spikard continues apace, as does my
investigation.  Drumm didn't even try to deny that he took the book -- he
proclaimed that it was not meant for humans.  That the knowledge it
contained was gotten by dubious means (as if *HE* has never tried such
things!).  I knew the Faerie were self-righteous, but I was starting to
get sick!  I'm sure Chaos felt the same way when Dworkin drew the Pattern.

	I Trumped Teresa shortly after talking to Laughter, telling her
about our previous conversation.  She had a sparkle in her eye when she
came through to try and make contact with Drumm.  After a dazzling display
of why she doesn't get involved in Court intrigue very often, Laughter
told us that Drumm wanted to meet us in Foil.  Joy.  Once there, it took
approximately one half of a second for Drumm to realize that things
weren't going to go well for him in Foil, and exit.  Teresa wanted to get
him back, but I'm no expert on faeries.  Someone else is, though.

	I can't believe he was proving to be useful!  He certainly knew
his pentagrams!  Apparently Laughter decided to tell Drumm that we were
planing to bind him, and he sucked us through the floor to Faerie, upon
which I had the new negotiations dumped on me.  I played it fairly cool. 
We talked for a while, but I made no threatening gestures or moves,
instead trying to reason with him to let me have the entire original book
back, no exceptions.  Of course this didn't play out, but all I really
wanted was to survive and leave Faerie, which I got.

	I Trumped Teresa once I made it to Middlecourt.  We thought it out
a bit, and decided that we still had a shot at bagging the bastard if we
tried from the Disc.  Useful two times in one day, nonetheless!  After
quite a struggle, we had him trapped.  I can't believe I was restraining
Teresa.  She pretty much wanted to roast his little fanny.  I was still
playing good cop.

	Rascally as ever, Drumm had sent a servant to bring Laughter. 
Next time, we need to bind him and everyone near him.  Deciding that
meddling was to be her new hobby, since she apparently forgot about
genocide, Laughter awoke our king, who eventually came through.  As a
compromise, Nicholas agreed to speak to Auberon on the matter, and we made
Drumm pledge to abide by an agreement reached by the two.  Teresa
reluctantly let him go, and everyone departed.

	In short, I think we actually won a round.  We cannot go after
Dara, Benedict was not of right mind, but this gutless faerie was waiting
for the event to happen, and certainly would have tried it himself if he
had the chance.  This shall be our revenge.  To own the knowledge that
they wish to protect.  We shall see how our kings approach this.  If it
comes out well, so be it.  However, if it doesn't, then this little
Amberite, who made no reciprocal pledge, shall deal with the problem

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