My life has taken a turn; hopefully, it is away from the cliff,
not toward it.  I am out one artifact of power (although it may still be
recoverable from my sister, since I am not a Faerie), but still retain all
three of my selves.  An unfortunate miscalculation.  However, it does
leave open the chance to get back on the revenge trail.  A trail which
leads right back to my current pains-in-the-ass.

	Once again, Caitt certainly came through for me.  It's no wonder
Laughter keeps her around (or rather, that she makes sure she's around
Laughter).  I believe she actually enjoys helping.  She certainly enjoys
intrigue.  She also has no love for Faeries; not surprising, knowing which
Shadow she's from, but her dislike has increased since they started
personally involving her.  She seemed almost a bit insulted when I asked
if she knew the talking bones spell.  She asked me who I thought taught it
to Laughter.

	We went to Mother's house, to use the spell to observe the events
of my father's death.  Caitt seemed quite proficient in casting the spell. 
We observed the events, seeing two individuals involved, both later
identified by Laughter.  One was, from shape and form, Benedict.  The
other, a Faerie named Drumm.  Or rather, one that was in his form, or so
Laughter stated.  Seems she knows him.  Sure it wasn't him.  I declined
Laughter's offer to talk to him immediately, instead preferring to talk to
Teresa first, to insure against his trickery.

	I was rather amazed that my companions stayed with me without the
Spikard.  I wonder how this affects my relationship with the Disc.  Can I
still enter it at will?  Can I recover my plans for mastering the four
Powers?  These questions, I think, can be shelved for later.  Now, I have
a hot lead on my father's killer, and I intend to follow it to the

	With the immediate danger to my health apparently gone, I will now
focus on bringing those responsible for my fathers death to justice.  All
other answers can wait.

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