I can't *believe* how much I'm getting away with as King.  Oberon
did a wonderful job preparing for me; I've taken over with almost no
conflict.  As a result, I've been able to give a few people a lot of
individual attention.

	Laughter and Beauty seem to be almost reconciled.  Laughter was
clearly not pleased with all that has happened, and seemed unhappy
(reasonably enough) with her daughter's decision to vanish into Shard's
arms after her Broken Pattern initiation.  On the other hand, she can't
have it both ways.  If her daughter is old enough to make her own
decisions, she has the right to decide who to speak to, and to expect
civil treatment.  If not, Laughter's a fool for letting her take a Pattern
anyway, so the hell with it.

	Matters seem to have worked out, though.  Laughter seemed angry
that I spoke rudely to her, but on the other hand she herself had to admit
that I was on the right track.  She was being outrageously high-handed
about the entire matter.  I fancy that my restraining Laughter had some
effect in moving Beauty forward; it's a little easier to face the music
when you know the music won't come to you.  It sounds paradoxical, but in
my experience, people appreciate getting the responsibility to take their
own lumps.  It makes them feel, well, less like children.

	Sadly, it doesn't work very well with Nimue.  She *always* decides
whether to be punished or not.  If she doesn't think she deserves it, she
doesn't take it as punishment, she files it under "shit happens" and lets
it go.  Which means I can only modify her attitude to the degree I can
articulate my own.  If Laughter had tried to raise Nimue, she'd probably
just explode.

	Nicholas will probably explode when he hears that Beauty wants no
male attention for a while.  On the other hand, he can be patient, when it
suits him.  I only hope he can restrain himself.  If he asks her for new
permission every week, she'll probably find ways to hide from him.  Still,
he's a nice guy, and she's a nice girl, which means all the major plot
elements are in place.  Just add time, and they'll sack up fine.

	Felix and Tamaryn won't sack up fine.  He's too young, and she's
too old and nice.  I think he fears the commitments she wants to make, and
maybe he has cause to.  She's such a *nice* woman.  She'd make Felix feel
bad every time he didn't give in to her.  Not by manipulating him, but
because she's so selfless, it's an instant guilt trip to deny her
something.  It might be best to try to either find someone as nice as she
is, or give her a bastard to civilize.  Caine wouldn't be a bad match, in
that sense.  On the other hand, Felix might come to his senses if he
scented competition.  Best to give her a few dates and see if he nibbles

	For my own life... I hope Kimdyl wanted a formal coronation.  It's
the least I can do, after all.

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