Let's get something straight right out of the box: I don't live
here.  I have no responsibility for this shit hole, I will not accept any,
and as soon as possible, I'm gone.

	Laughter almost got herself severely mutilated to advance the
interests of what purports to be "justice," but which in fact meant that
she beat on someone who, though moral scum, paid more taxes than she did. 
In any sane jurisdiction, slavery is a crime in the first place, but other
than that, this was not way out of the ordinary for a justice system.

	But add it all up.  These people persecute "witches," they enslave
selected men and all centaurs, and they all give lip service to hating the
supernatural, when half of them live in thrall to the son of the devil.

	Present company excepted, this entire Shadow isn't worth a bucket
of warm spit.  If it wasn't a Primal Plane, I'd risk whatever I had to to
destroy it.  I'd be doing it now, except that I couldn't possibly do it.

	So, I was going to do the next best thing.  I was going to kill
every single person who came within reach of my sword, if they hurt
Laughter.  Of course, as the look in Ariana's eye clearly pointed out, I
don't have any defenses against magic, and this hole is full of it.

	Oberon is back in Amber, and my mom is on the lam.  I have no idea
what sort of reception awaits me there; hopefully, I can draw Fiona aside
and get an answer from her.  But, given the history between my Mom and
Dworkin, I am not at all certain that my life will be pleasant back in
Amber.  I may be forced into active rebellion against Oberon - which is to
say, the moment of my death, for good or ill, is not far off.

	And I'm wasting what remains of my life here, with little to do of
benefit, and too much on my mind.  If I were the Ideal Me I was thinking
of some days ago, I would doubtless become one of the heroes seeking to
return this Plane to righteousness.  But I'm not, and I'm leaving on the
next bus.  If a bloodbath is needed back home, I want to get it over with.

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