Head like a hole
Black as your soul
I'd rather die
Than give you control.

	Some fucker has stolen my body and is going wild in Amber.  And
nobody has any idea how to stop him.

	In a way, I guess this proves something I long suspected - if I
had the will and the style, I could be a serious threat to the rest of the
family.  Just like Nick could.  But having the decision taken out of my
hands does not endear whoever this guy is to me.

	I'm trapped in Martin's body, which is weak and horny as fuck, but
seems to have Trump capacity.  A useful little thing, possibly, although
I'm sure the real Martin would have a bit more savvy in its use.

	At one point, I lost patience with my new body and decided that if
it was so horny, we could borrow the Shadow bitch we captured and discuss
the weather in the closet.  When we came out, everyone was giving me this
"Oh, you bad boy" vibe.  Assholes.  Tell me about the time someone stole
your body and used it to attack your home and you behaved like a
gentleman.  And on top of that, Ariana fusion bombed the place on the way
out.  What I did kind of pales in comparison.  Just a little.

	I want my body back.  I want to find out who stole it and punish
him.  I want to find out who the fuck got the word to him that I could do
this and make *that* person explain their actions in depth.  I want Dara's
head on a stick, just to keep her quiet.

	And I have no easy way of getting any of that.  I always planned
never to use my talent; it never occurred to me to plan a way to beat it. 
I dunno.  I have a stronger mind and better reactions in this body.  Maybe
if I brace for it I can immobilize him as soon as he makes contact with me
psychically to give the order.  But he is using the Jewel for power, which
may nullify that plan.  Or maybe we can all wear earplugs and listen to
rap music so he can't give us any orders.  Or maybe we can lure him into
Shadow and drop a nuke on him.  I didn't really need my body, did I? 
Except that Martin will want his back... and I don't want to spend the
rest of my life as a chip.

	Sadly, my best hope is Kimdyl.  She was a Vetch, which may make
her a skilled assassin, and she doesn't have any Pattern for him to
control.  She might be able to take him down.  He is likely to avoid her. 
But there is a chance...

	And right now, I'll settle for whatever I can get.

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