I *really* needed that.  Nothing like a severe firefight to break
the repression and monotony of taking orders from my asshole relations.

	It was a vicious little firefight, laser weapons at close range. 
The bad guys were mostly caught by surprise, although Laughter's Shadow
there had a daughter who was just a fraggin' terminator.  She almost
stopped Driscoll's rescue, and she nearly hurt us up in the cannon room. 
We never did get her.  I pinned her down for a while with rapid two- guns
five, and then we cut out.

	Kimdyl and Foster had the Logrus ripped right out of them, though. 
Not a good scene.  Rumor has it Dara did it, possibly at the direction of
the Logrus.  Upsetting.  Not to be taken lightly.  We'll really have to
win the war now, just to piss the bitch off.

	This is going to be hard when Kimdyl wakes up, though.  The power
dynamic between us has always been tricky, but also essential to our
mutual respect.  Neither of us really has much time for fools, weaklings,
or cowards.  And now she doesn't have her strongest power, and I have a
better figure than she does as well.  Tends to undermine you.

	Still, we're two shards up, and we seem to have beaten Dara to
this one.  The war hasn't started in earnest yet for Amber.  We seem to be
two ahead on points so far.  But, although I tried, it doesn't seem like a
partial Jewel has any value at all.  Our efforts don't mean Jack until the
whole Jewel is fixed.

	So we need to keep going.  Which is OK, since keeping going is
most of what I'm good at.  We can keep after her.  But it's going to get
real ugly with only one Logrus user available to us.  We can't split up
and we can't move as fast as we used to.  And I don't know if Kimdyl can
hang spells without the Logrus, which cuts us down further.  One
detachment of Hellmaids, and our seeker party is going to be really
harshly reamed.

	Fuck it.  We don't exactly have lots of choices.  It's not like we
can count on the Elders to win or anything.  So here we go.  Driven on by
the dream of handing the Jewel off to Random.  Or rather his jaw.  At Mach

	After all, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

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