Seems like Unicorn visitations run in my family, or at least in
the women.  First it told Mom that everything would be OK, then Lyss
spotted it in the act stomping on the Jewel of Judgment.  A perfect
Amberite: it can lie without saying a word, and undertake actions of
cosmic significance without the slightest concern for what might happen as
a result.

	I pretty much got off scot-free; I had to break someone's arm and
reprogram an alleged brain, but Fi and I got home OK.  Laughter and Foster
seem likely to have had a worse time of it.  Even Foster can't come up
with a new pair of legs on short notice.  Hmmm...  I went to the place I
happened to be thinking of at the time, minus a certain error margin that
I blame on the violent nature of my transit.  Makes me wonder what Fos was
thinking, that he ended up getting substantially eaten by a dragon.  I was
also worried briefly that if everyone was having a negative experience,
Flora might have been sent back to Rygat's little hellhole, but it doesn't
seem so.  Perhaps the world runs on karma after all.

	I may have biased mine to the negative by interrupting Usires and
Martin, but their bumbling was of the sort that should not really be
allowed to continue unimpeded.  Some part of the local collective
unconscious seems to say "hmmm, sword, must mess with" without any real
regard for how the sword feels or how Laughter might feel.  OK, I confess
that Sequence even worries me a little and certainly isn't housebroken. 
But it isn't anyone's sword to discipline except Laughter, who no doubt
sleeps with it.  Hint: it is BAD to kill the junior Hellmaid's bladed
teddy bear.

	I slowed them down for all of a minute when I showed up.  I have a
natural inclination to bully the foolish, though, so I had to try.  My
discussion of crossing Benedict may have slowed them down a bit.  The fact
that I crossed him to keep him from killing my dad in a fit of rage might
tend to diminish their respect, but it worked in the short term, and my
backup plan was to use the Rose to commit some sort of demented violence. 
Given the results I obtained with my next use of the Rose, that may have
been pushing too hard.

	Still, they're going to end up in trouble if this goes on. 
Vendetta has a history in Amber, and Laughter is the sort who would go
that far if it occurred to her.  And from what I know of it, it's bad form
for your mom to bop in and protect you when someone has declared vendetta
against you.  I certainly hope so; if it's not, the Laughter vs. Bart
discussion might turn into a tag-team grudge match with Llewella and
Fiona.  I feel that my aunts are best saved for their area of expertise,
and so I find myself hoping Sequence and Laughter will settle up for a
broken bone or two.  One of the nice things about being an Amberite is
that it takes a lot to do something you'll never get over.  It leaves us a
lot of shades of pain to work in....

	I think I may enjoy this little scavenger hunt for the Jewel. 
Being married to a Chaos sorceress may help me to get around, and if all
goes well I will have a perfect chance to repay Random's courtesy in the
Sand affair.  "What?" the horrified audience asks, "You'd play games with
the coolest toy of them all?"  Of course I would.  Everyone else plays
games with me, and maybe if I make the slick and timely play I can sneak a
move myself.

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