Shard Barimen Trump of Shard, 3rd 

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Physical Description

Shard is 6'2" tall, with bright gray-green eyes and scraggly, shoulder length black hair that he occasionally wears with the sides pulled back into a braid. Since becoming a vampire, his skin is usually quite pale and his nails are perfectly manicured.

Personal Symbol

Two theater masks Two theater masks, one happy, one sad.

Official Titles

Duke of Amber.


Shard was born and raised in Arden.



Foil: Shadow of Laughter's that Shard has been known to frequent.


"There's no one in the Great Hall, except for Shard, who is looking confused." -- GM
"And this is different from his normal expression, how?" -- Kris

"I'll just explain to your father that you're going to certain death, and he'll let you go." -- Bart to Shard

"How does one correct death?" -- Shard
"I don't know. Ask Oberon?" -- Laughter

"No, Shard would not make me (a vampire), even though I asked it of him." -- Beauty to Laughter
"You're grounded." -- Sean

"You hadn't been snacking while going down the hall?" -- Felix to Shard

"How many points did (Shard) pay to be killed?" -- Laughter to GM

"I hope, for all of our sakes, that (the coronation) finishes before dawn." -- Whimsy to Shard

"So Shard lied to me." -- Ishmael to Teresa
"There's a shock, an Amberite lied." -- Kris

OF Unicorn
"Outrageous Fortune"

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