Miranda is fond of gemstones and abstract patterns. She is a jeweler by trade and a scribe on demand. In spite of her artistry with designs, however, it is difficult to mistake her for a poet or a lover. Her passion for beauty is cold, clear and unsentimental: she is the type of person who works algebra equations for pleasure. She prefers reading music on the page to hearing it aloud, where she can perceive the arrangement of the notes unmarred by human error and emotion. As a scribe, her interest is in the shapes of the letters she creates, not in their content. Both her work and her surroundings are as immaculate and orderly as circumstances permit.

In physical appearance, Miranda is a tall, spare woman, with dark emerald eyes and white-blonde hair. As to be expected from someone with little interest in outdoor activities, her skin is very pale. She prefers black, gray or navy blue: usually a gown with minimal trimming; sometimes a man's tunic and tights. Her hair is in a snood when in her workshop, braided when engaged in physical activity: it is seldom seen loose. As is to be expected, her garb and grooming are immaculate. As with her other movements, her speech is characteristically precise: somewhat clipped, slow and measured. She wears a short, trim necklace and pierced earrings: the silver of each piece of jewelry forms an intricate knot containing an emerald in its center.

"Outrageous Fortune"
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