Fortune" Character Logs, Sessions 116+

For most of the time up until session 115, there was only one log, taken by Kris (me) which covered everything that happened to everyone. Needless to say, as the game got bigger, it grew impossible to cover everything that was going on, not to mention not being much fun for the log taker. So instead, everyone who was doing a diary (which was all of the players) was asked to do a log of their character's activities, instead. Diaries could still be done for extra points, of course. Below are these character logs, starting with session 116.

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Schism (cont.)

Session #CharactersSession Title
Session 116 Alex Ariana  Gavin  Whimsy"I must be cruel, only to be kind." or "Ishmael"
Session 117  Ariana    Whimsy 
Session 118  Ariana Felix Gavin Vixen "Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear."
Session 119  Ariana Felix Gavin Vixen Whimsy"The wheel has come full circle."
Session 120  Ariana Felix Gavin Vixen Whimsy 
Session 121  Ariana Felix Gavin Ishmael Whimsy"Now for ourself, and for this time of meeting, thus much the business is..."
Session 122  Ariana Felix Gavin Ishmael Whimsy 
Session 123  Ariana Felix  Ishmael Whimsy 
Session 124  Ariana Felix Gavin Ishmael Whimsy"King Nicholas I"


Session #CharactersSession Title
Session 125 Ariana Gavin Ishmael Whimsy"Mergence"
Session 126 Ariana  Ishmael Whimsy 
Session 127 Ariana Gavin Ishmael Whimsy"And the Tears Shall Flow Like Wine"
Session 128 Ariana Gavin Ishmael Whimsy"I'm Not the Same Man I Was Before"
Session 129  Gavin Ishmael Whimsy"Passages"
Session 130 Ariana Gavin Ishmael Whimsy"Promises to Keep"
Session 131 Ariana Gavin Ishmael "Hide and Seek"
Session 132 Ariana   "It's the End of the World As We Know It"
Session 133 Ariana   Whimsy"The Summoning"
Session 134 Ariana  Ishmael "Identity Crisis"
Session 135 Ariana   "Baby Blues"

Things Fall Apart, the Center Cannot Hold

Session #CharactersSession Title
Session 136 Ariana"And So It Begins"
Session 137 Ariana"Nicholas' Fall"
Session 138 Ariana"It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time!"
Session 139 Ariana"A Little Faerie Whimsy Goes a Long Way"
Session 140 Ariana"A Cold Day In Hell (AKA Whimsy's Wedding)" or "Baby Boom III"
Session 141 Ariana"Loose Ends"
Session 142 "End Game"

OF Unicorn
"Outrageous Fortune"
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