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"The whole world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel." -- Horace Walpole


"I don't love the place, I love the people there. I defend Amber because it is my home, and because the Pattern is there, but that doesn't mean I love it. I'd defend Avalon with equal fervor. Or Bedlam." -- Ariana's diary

"Gods, I hate this place, sometimes. It sucks the hope, the light, the life, right out of you." -- Ariana's diary

"Knowledge is gained by learning; trust by doubt; skill by practice; and love by love." -- Thomas Szasz


"It is where my heart is most at peace." -- Ariana's diary (August 12, 2994)

"...I still feel a bond to Faerie. I always have, even before I knew about my past life as Loryn. I can't just pretend that bond doesn't exist...It's a part of me, and I won't deny it." -- Ariana's diary (August 14, 2994)

"Take note, take note, O world,
To be direct and honest is not safe."

-- Othello, Act iii, Scene 3

About Ariana

"You think my life was an advantage? Do you have ANY idea what it's like to grow up a foundling? With no idea who my parents were or why they abandoned me?...At least you grew up here, so you know the rules of the game. Your mother didn't blow your father's head off with a shotgun and then abandon you. Your aunts and uncles have all known you since you were small, and half of them even like you. I'm just this backwards Shadow-dweller who somehow wound up with Amber blood. I keep stumbling across things I didn't know, that you all just take for granted because you grew up knowing it. And I don't think I'll ever really fit in here. So tell me again how my life was such an advantage!" -- Ariana to Ahab

"Trustworthy is Ariana, maybe, now that Vetch is on vacation." -- Ahab to Kimdyl

"Sometimes I think the pain of living just becomes worse than that of dying." -- Ariana to Lucien

"It's not that I'm not afraid of other people dying, or that I particularly want to die. But my own death doesn't frighten me. Maybe it's because I've done it once already." -- Ariana to Lucien

"Ariana dances to tunes no other can hear...." -- Vixen's diary

"Two bodies, one soul, what's a woman to do?" -- Mer to the group

"I'm tired of not being trusted, first by Nicholas, now by Eric." -- Ariana's diary

"The way things have been lately, I'm not holding out much hope. Hope is for the weak, anyway. It's just another source of pain, when it is inevitably dashed." -- Ariana's diary

"She is sweet...honest, driven, sentimental. I wonder how she has managed to survive this long." -- Whimsy

"She fancies herself some sort of fighter, so I asked her right off the bat if she wanted to be treated like a woman or a peer. She chose peer. Damn shame, that. It would have been a lot more fun to treat her like a woman...." -- Ishmael

"I don't know what to think about her yet. She wants to coddle me like the child she lost, and yet she told me all sorts of horrible things while we were in Rebma. I'm afraid to look her in the eyes, as her mind is more powerful than my own...afraid to let her touch me, lest her caresses should bring me agony...afraid to let her speak, lest she should shatter what peace remains within me...." -- Grayson

"You poor, dear girl...to be so deceived by Lucien. I must do what I can to make sure that you do not become yet another of his dead wives, for my heart would break to see such a noble and kind young woman destroyed by his infidelity. No, Ariana, Lucien is my burden to bear, and mine alone." -- Angelique

"It's odd to think that I'm descended from an avatar of each end of reality. Blood of the Unicorn, blood of the Serpent, soul of a faerie. Could there be a more mixed creation than I? No wonder I don't seem to fit anywhere." -- Ariana's diary

"If only we'd stop trying to be happy, we could have a pretty good time." -- Edith Wharton


"You've got half of Chaos here, and you're worried about a guy in a bearskin cloak?" -- Laughter to Ariana, at Ariana's wedding

"I'm happy, as long as I'm not throwing up." -- Ariana to GM

"You should lay eggs." -- Clytemnestra to Ariana, commenting on her morning sickness

"(Martin) appears to be breathing." -- Ariana
"Yes." -- Laughter
"Was he breathing before?" -- Ariana
"Well, yes." -- Laughter
"A small hint. When people are breathing, they are not dead." -- Ariana

"I didn't brainrape (Foster). If I'd brainraped him, I would have gotten something useful out of him." -- Ariana to the group

"Well, I guess that tells us something." -- Laughter, after running into a spell and being thrown back 20 feet
"Yes, it tells us not to do that again." -- Ariana

"(Bart's) theory is that everyone Ariana sleeps with is Vetch. So if she sleeps with him, Vetch will be free." -- Liam to the group

"I'm going to keep an eye on this, to help if (the Hendrake) looks like he's going to wax Usires. To help Usires, not the guy." -- Ariana to GM

"He's the son of Satan and all." -- Jackie
"Oh, so that would put him on the evil side." -- Ariana

"I Trump Ariana, this is her pet vampire, after all." -- Laughter to GM

"Why did you pick me?" -- Laughter
"You have a strong will to survive." -- Drumm
"Point out the Amberite who doesn't." -- Laughter
"Ahab." -- Ariana

"You wake up in the dark, wearing a skiff." -- GM to Ariana
"She's wearing a small boat?" -- Mer

"Gee, I always get bitten by gentlemen vampires." -- Ariana to the group

"It's not my secret to tell." -- Ariana
"They shouldn'ta oughta let you reincarnate out of the species, then." -- Laughter

"Would you say no to a dragon?" -- GM
"Ariana would, if it wasn't a dragon she wanted to sleep with." -- Kris

"You know what, I'm not going to like it if you're not you anymore." -- Laughter to Ariana

"Are you all right?" -- Felix
"No, but I'm getting used to it." -- Ariana

"Between the workout and the alcohol, I should be able to sleep." -- Ariana to GM
"I could have just hit her on the head, if I'd known that's what she wanted." -- Ishmael

"(Driscoll's) my cousin. Not that that matters." -- Ariana to the group, referring to sleeping with Driscoll
"This is Amber, after all." -- Ronan

"Mirelle is not my worst parent!" -- Matt S., speaking for Ariana, after she learns that her father is Zane

"Every time you go to Faerie, they want a child." -- Ariana to the group

"So now the Pattern draws its power from the Amberites." -- GM
"We need more children." -- George
"Hey, I've done my part!" -- Kris, speaking for Ariana
"You've done your part, and my part, and everyone else's part." -- Matthew R.

"Hey, (Ariana) can grow an extra brain now." -- Kris
"Where's the first one?" -- Sean

"(Ariana) can have a threesome with (her) husband." -- Lisamarie to the group, after learning that Lucien can duplicate himself

"(Ariana) should name her kid gravel. Since he's full of Sand." -- George to the group

"(Ariana and I) of course tell Maddy that the baby's beautiful." -- Whimsy to GM
"Ariana actually means it." -- Kris

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -- Aesop

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