The Augery

The shattering of the mirrors of Pattern and Logrus left a prophecy behind in the shattered pieces. What is this prophecy? Study the images, and decide for yourself.


You have before you a thousand jumbled pictures of a bunch of people you know and a bunch of people you don't know, all in a freeze-frame in their life.


Archi, lying unconscious at the foot of Ygg, with the girl in the scene with Ian standing over him, and four feet (booted feet, otherwise unrecognizable). Archi's been beaten bloody, and the girl is trying to awaken him.

Archi's body, lying on a bed; Laughter sitting next to him in a chair, face buried in her hands.


In a duel -- apparently the duel of her life. The moment is frozen just as a sword is about to move in and slice off her head. You can't see who she's fighting, but you can tell she's not going to get her swords up in time.


You see a stone-faced woman facing Corliss, and his eyes full of fear as he looks at something behind her shoulder. You can't see what that is. The overwhelming item in the image is a large silver ball, transparent, that seems to surround Corliss.


Standing in a small 1800's looking cafe, his hair dyed brown and under a hat, his hands on the back of a wrought-iron chair, looking off into the distance with a punched-in-the-gut look.

Dakota, with a rifle, aiming it at something in the distance, standing on the plane before Thelbane.


Graham standing over a table in the "war room" of Thelbane, looking down, appearing drawn and tense. Through the window behind him, lightning crashes.


Grown, standing in a dark, narrow passageway, looking afraid and vulnerable.

Standing, grown, holding a woman you don't recognize by both hands, and staring intensely into her eyes, his mouth half-open to say something. She wears a crown of flowers and is laughing. Ian looks serious.


Smacking Sira Wickling across the face; his eyes are full of rage, and they are both beginning to shift shape.


Wearing a crown, with Alora kneeling before him.


Standing on the edge of a cliff, facing the sun -- setting or rising, you can't tell -- with her hand shading her eyes. On closer look, you can see she's got her sword at her belt, and off in the distance, there's an enormous cloud of dust. She's wearing black burnished armor, there's no war paint, and you see the edge of a black robe behind her. She's apparently looking at an approaching army -- but it's not in Amber, or any Shadow you've ever seen.

Halfway out of a Trump, being pulled through by a man you'd guess to be Alaric grown up (very handsome, looks a lot like his dad, but more so), and behind him is Alora. All look terribly grim.

Laughter standing in the main hall of Castle Amber, with four large demon heads at her belt, wearing ornate black plate armor, advancing with a deep frown on Jasper Wickling, who smiles at her.


Sitting in the gardens of Amber, casting a spell, a look of cocky confidence on his face.


At sunset, standing at the edge of the Abyss, wearing a blue cloak; the sky is violently red, the light is strange, and she looks almost sad, looking downward. There is a riding beast next to her. She is alone.

Standing in the middle of a room full of mirrors (like the plane of Trump) depicting scenes of war and destruction.


Looking like a frazzled Disney character, underground, holding a torch, trailing a red-headed girl you recognize as Morgan Halybard.

The Serpent

At war with itself. The two heads biting and slashing at each other.


Sky, standing with her hand on one of her son's shoulders (not one you recognize, but the family traits are there...obviously one of Claudio's too) -- at the edge of one of the Ixaxin white chalk cliffs, during an ice storm. Both wearing cloaks that whip in the wind, and their eyes are shielded with their hands, to watch the ocean.


In the background of a court scene. Bunch of people you vaguely recognize as members of the Courts of Chaos, in formal dress. Sylvester just standing there.


On her knees before a shadowy figure holding a sword to her throat.


Toiling up a steep path up a mountain, with a small, fair-haired creature dancing all the way up, way ahead of him.

Holding something red and glowing in the palm of his hand, staring at it with intense concentration. You can see the reflection of the Jewel in his eyes.

Sitting, apparently at the edge of the Pattern, a large bale of twine in hand.

Dworkin's Prophecy

Here's what Dworkin predicted, upon studying the images.

Shatter the mirror. Look into the light.

The shadows are rising.
The sun sets on an ancient city,
gilding the crown of a new king.
The crown weighs heavy on his young head.
On a hidden plateau, a king meets his destiny.
His son grows to manhood.
His legacy remains with his daughters.
Raven-haired Death stands in distant shadow,
the skulls of immortals decorate her belt,
and all pay the great price of her mourning.

Once, from vast and starless spaces
Crept the parents of the Elder races.
Two nightmares, then slain in the womb,
Are now born again, for salvation or doom.
The third, made in dreaming, is born,
Like unto man, but bearing a horn.

Shadows are rising.
Hidden darknesses come to the fore.
Children born in fancy,
Sons and daughters, of their parents
And more than their parents, come to the edges.

Unbalanced magics embroil the depths
In wars of redemption.
The Strangeways grow stranger.
Crossroads and mushrooms have much in common.
The griffins return to Amber.

Careworn but free, the lost twin continues
To monitor the rise and fall of a dozen stars.
And all lost ones in the universe
Prowl and look for their other halves.

The hawk is in ascendance.
The line is a viper threatened.
The boar will continue forever.
The serpent will cover the falcon,
And the falcon will long be king of the shifting lands,
And the eaglets fall from the nest fighting, flying.

Shadows are rising, to swallow the sun--
Darkness ascending, the grand night's begun.

"Shadow Rising"
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