Jillian's Journals

An accounting of the travels of Jillian Roman, Special Agent of the FBI.

"Crises bring out the best in the best of us, and the worst in the worst of us." -- Anonymous

Act II: "Movements of Fire and Shadow"

Part 1: War Without End - "I guess you could say it all began with Leonard Stroeker."
Part 2: Contact - "I should have known that Stroeker would turn up in a bar."
Part 3: The Mysterious Professor Laughlin - "At 5:00, I reluctantly bid Brian goodbye..."
Part 4: Getting To Know You - "Laughlin and I found a table and kept the conversation light at first."
Part 5: Breaking and Entering - "I checked to make sure there were no lights on at Stroeker's bungalow..."
Part 6: The Latter Fire - "As I locked the door to Stroeker's cabana and quietly slipped into the shadows..."
Part 7: A Three Hour Tour - "When the shaking finally subsided..."
Part 8: A Plan of Action - "The conversation quickly ended with Dr. Volk agreeing to return to Avua'tutu."
Part 9: Preparations for a Swim - "It wasn't hard to find the dive shop, once I consulted my map of the resort."
Part 10: Fishing Expedition - "I woke up shortly before dawn, gathered up my diving gear..."
Part 11: Reconnaissance in Fear - "The difficult part turned out to be finding the cave."
Part 12: Shark Attack! - "We swam quickly to the cave, magnesium flares in hand."
Part 13: The Altar Chamber - "We climbed upwards into the next chamber, which was vast..."
Part 14: The Prisoner - "Laughlin and I made our way back to the prison cell..."
Part 15: Escape Attempt - "I rushed forward out of the tunnel entrance, aiming my spear gun..."
Part 16: Storm Breaking - "The wind was stiff and bitter, and sailing was difficult."
Part 17: A Dark and Stormy Night - "We were able to find a map of Tonga and the surrounding area..."
Part 18: Occam's Razor - "With an effort, I forced myself to focus on the current situation."
Part 19: Options - "I relaxed a bit at Laughlin's question, happy to be back on more familiar ground..."
Part 20: You're Not Really Paranoid if They are Out to Get You - "Somewhat to my surprise..."
Part 21: A Bright and Sunny Day - "Laughlin and I trudged back through the sand to his cabana."
Part 22: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - "By mid-morning, we were in the only medical facility on the island..."
Part 23: A Dangerous Question - "We were both silent as we began our walk back..."
Part 24: The Search for Stroeker - "Twenty minutes later, we were seated in the bar." new
Part 25: Plans and Preparations - "I followed Laughlin towards my cabana, feeling a bit flustered." new
Part 26: Shots in the Dark - "My head jerked up at the sound..." new
Part 27: Massacre - "My caution, as it turned out, was unnecessary." new
Part 28: Any Landing You Can Walk Away From - "The nurse planned to go with the injured man..." new
Part 29: Nightmare at 30,000 Feet - "The hanger wasn't far..." new
Part 30: An Unexpected Call - "We finished the dinner preparations in silence." new

"Always do what you are afraid to do." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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