The LIST of the 

The Deceased

Provided below is a list of all those whose deaths have in some minor or major way changed the course of the storyline in the campaign(s). They are separated according to the region in which the individuals were known.

Adrian - Son of Princess Florimel and Lord Edward Karm. Renowned for his singing ability, and his skill with the crossbow, Adrian was always seen as a rather charming and care-free young man. The truth of his ambition was never really discovered, for he was loosely allied with Llateri, and desired his mother's power and prestige. After betraying Flora by tricking her into being captured by Brand, he assumed his mother's place in Amber. Mere weeks later Flora returned, intent on revenge. It was five years later, while the rest of the family was preoccupied in Kashfa with Brand that she took her revenge and killed Adrian.

Benedict - When Llateri corrupted the Logrus, Benedict became her slave. He was destroyed by the combined efforts of Emma and Gawain...Emma using the Jewel of Judgement to paralyze him while Gawain ran him through with Greyswandir.

Bleys - After spending the time following the Abyss War in Avignon, Bleys returned to Amber to settle a score with Gawain...and perhaps see about restoring himself to some power. Strangely, he disappeared roughly three to four days following Branwen's birthday celebration. [He was tricked into coming to Tir'na Nog-th, where he was pitched into the Abyss by Gawain, who was aided by Emily and Melanie.]

Brand - Traitor or savior...who can say? Though Brand was responsible for Patternfall and the deaths of so many innocents, were it not for Brand's return, Amber would have been conquered by the forces of Chaos following the Abyss War. He served as advisor and confidante to Queen Rhiannon, a position that gave him much power over Amber, until she turned on him and had him destroyed with a Logrus weapon. (Trump)

Branwen - Former Queen of Rebma, the second daughter of Emma and Gawain. Branwen was forced to take up her duties while still very young, as Moire died during the early skirmishes following the end of the Abyss War. With the aid of Vialle and Random, she grew into a fine young woman and a good Queen. The people of Rebma cherished her. She was murdered shortly after the death of Rhiannon was discovered, though none know the identity of her killer. (Trump)

Brent - Husband of Princess Florimel. Shortly before the Abyss War, Brent was kidnapped and replaced by Brand, who was at the time still quite mad. After the war, Brent was discovered locked in the cellar of a nobleman's house in Amber City. He remained in hiding for a time, until he was able to come forth and clear his name. Since the death of Florimel and his rejection by Meredith, Brent found no reason to remain in Amber. Rhiannon named him Ambassador to Chaos, a position he held briefly, until Chaos requested his reassignment. He somehow became Brand for a short time, until Caine killed him, at which point his body reverted back to Brent. (Trump)

Cassilda - Personal servant to Katrina. A young woman, fairly short, with red hair and a sunny disposition. She tended to smile frequently and has an amazing sense of humor. Cassilda died during the collapse of Castle Amber at the end of the Abyss War.

Corwin - Corwin was killed by Queen Sand at his own Pattern, because she felt it was the only way to destroy his Pattern and the imbalance it was creating.

Cymnea - former Queen of Amber, Second wife of Oberon, mother of Princes Osric, Finndo and Benedict. Oberon later annulled the marriage, which rendered the status the three sons uncertain. Cymnea retired to the Courts of Chaos and later passed away.

Dalt - Son of Oberon and Deela the Desacratrix, youngest son of Oberon. Dalt was born and raised in Begma by the fanatical devotees of Deela, who was slain by Oberon shortly after his birth. Perhaps due to how he was raised, Dalt turned out to be rather atheistic by nature, and became a mercenary. Dalt was captured by Queen Rhiannon's people while attempting to assassinate the Brand. Sadly, the desire to do this was not his own, but rather had been planted in his mind by Meredith. Upon learning this, he took his own life rather than be beheaded, and cursed Meredith with his dying breath. (Trump)

Deirdre - Daughter of Oberon and Faiella, Hero of Amber. Cast into the Abyss, Deirdre was believed dead until she made a sudden surprise return during the reign of Queen Sand. It was later revealed that Brand's spirit resided in her body, and some time around the time of the death of Sand, Deirdre's body was discovered, apparently gored by the Unicorn. This was later revealed to be a ruse, and during the period of the Reconstruction, Deirdre returned again...found in Shadow Corilaine, fighting with those who resisted the Chaosians left there at the end of the Abyss War. She remembers nothing after Patternfall save her arrival in Corilaine at the end of the Abyss War, and none seek to disturb her by questioning too closely what really happened. Strangely, Deirdre disappeared shortly after Brand's death. (Trump)

Delwin - Oberon's first child after Patternrise. Logically Delwin was to have been the heir to the throne of Amber, but he did not get along with his father or his younger sister Sand. His death, and the circumstances surrounding it, is a mystery, though many suspect that he was slain by Sand. Delwin had one son, whose name was Derrick.

Dworkin Barimen - Creator of the Pattern and last son of House Barimen. It was Dworkin who disgraced his House by stealing the Serpent's Eye and allying himself with the the Unicorn. Dworkin died when Oberon unsuccessfully attempted to repair the Primal Pattern.

Edward Karm - husband of Florimel, father of Adrian. Lord Karm died of heart disease long before the Patternfall War. Though his marriage to Florimel was a loving one, he often became impatient with her attachment to court intrigue, and so spent little time in Amber.

Emma - Former Queen of Amber and Deiga. Upon returning to Amber, Emma discovered that there was little place for her in Newcastle, and chose to divorce her husband and move to Deiga to live with her beloved Nathaniel, who soon wed her and made her Queen of Deiga. She perished shortly after the birth of her son William. Her death assured the continued survival of Amber, and she is widely regarded as a hero. (Trump)

Eric - Eric was considered a hero for sacrificing his life in defense of Amber. Though he was in conflict with Corwin, he bravely gave his life to defeat the legions of Chaos, and with his dying breath cursed Swayvill, as would Sand later. Eric has no known living heirs.

Faiella - former Queen of Amber, third wife of Oberon, mother of princes Eric, Corwin, Caine and princess Deirdre. Faiella died while birthing Deirdre.

Felix - Manservant to Gawain. He was brutally murdered while in Castle Amber, and though accusations were made against Llateri, nothing was ever proven.

Finndo - Oberon's son by Cymnea. Little is known of Benedict's older brothers, save that they died long ago in some war, and that perhaps it was necessary for the betterment of the kingdom that they should die, as both had ambitions for the throne.

Flora - Following the revelation of her involvement with Brand (coerced though it was), Florimel fled Amber, fearing persecution by Queen Emma. When the Abyss War began, she fled to Avignon. Her return to Amber disconcerted quite a few people, including her husband Brent. Only a few weeks after her return, Florimel was killed. Her burned body was discovered in her quarters in Avignon.... It is assumed that she was assassinated magically, but no one is certain by whom. [In truth, Faust and Shaenan destroyed her.] (Trump)

Gérard - Admiral of Amber's Navy. Gérard's position was changed little over the course of Patternfall, and though he was not necessarily friendly with Sand, she was respectful of him and valued his efforts. Unfortunately, Gérard was killed during the confirmation ceremony of Shaenan, Meridian, and Katrina as part of an attack by the Sufferers' Guild.

Gérard Nathaniel II - Son of Emma and Gawain, also known as Nathan. Born mentally slow, Nathan missed much of the pain that the others endured...and grew up without their bitterness. He lived in Amber City, where he was mayor, and was married to a woman named Isabelle. He died attempting to walk the Pattern in Rebma. (Trump)

Harla - former Queen of Amber, first wife of Oberon, mother of Prince Delwin and Queen Sand. Harla retired to Corilaine, her home Shadow, after her divorce from Oberon. It is not known how she met her death or if, in fact, she still lives.

Hendon - Steward of Amber Castle. Hendon died during the collapse of Castle Amber at the end of the Abyss War. His grandson Erinus became the new Seneschal.

Katherine - Housekeeper for Prince Jonathan. Previously she worked for Despil and Rowan in Thelbane. While serving Jonathan, she came into contact with Wesker, and later died of the Chaos Cancer she contracted from him.

Leviticus - A shapeshifting construct that was built by Llateri and Mirelle, and eventually allied itself with Shaenan. Leviticus bonded itself to Sawallways and became a living Shadow. The powers of Leviticus were unknown, save that it had shown iteself capable of moving through Shadow. It was destroyed along with Sawallways when Wesker came to call. (Trump)

Llewella - After Sand's death, Llewella returned to Rebma to grieve. She has insisted that her part in Amber's affairs is done, and that she would prefer to be left alone. Her attempts to bind her daughter Llateri only resulted in her becoming infected with Abyssal power, and so when the family faced off against Brand she joined in the attack...and was fatally wounded at his hands. Llateri claimed her body before any could stop her, and Llewella was further infused with the Abyss, and thus prevented from dying peacefully. Unable to face such a wretched existence, Llewella threw herself onto the Primal Pattern and died.

Mandor Sawall - Prince of Chaos, later also Duke of Sawall and Rim Lord. Powerful sorcerer and a fine scholar. Mandor was corrupted along with the Logrus and died at the conclusion of the Abyss War. To be more explicit, Mandor was sent to 'the box with one small airhole' by Emma, and died when Llateri was destroyed. But Mandor was not so easily removed from the picture. Having mastered the art of Forbidden Shapeshifting, Mandor was able to return...after being rescued by Faust and Meredith. He was residing in Amber City, recovering from his long ordeal when, in an especially cruel twist of fate, he was killed by an assassin sent by Theocritus [actually Momus under Theocritus' control].

Margaret - Elderly servant to Princess Meredith. Margaret was driven insane by Brand and was killed by the castle guards while they tried to prevent her from attacking Lord Hendon.

Martin - Son of Random by Morganthe. Martin disappeared towards the conclusion of Patternfall. It was generally believed that he died in the war. A package containing his head was later mailed to Gawain, apparently from the Sufferers' Guild. It is believed that his death had something to do with the creation of the Leviticus construct.

Maximillian - Grandson of Benedict, son of Bleys and Elizabeth. Left in Shadow with no knowledge of his heritage, always made to feel inadequate in his grandfather's eyes...Max grew up resenting his sister Katrina, who could do no wrong. Eventually he was found by Lylesberg, and tricked into assaying the Logrus. He was driven hopelessly Logrus mad and vowed to do anything he could to destroy the royals of Amber. Maximillian was captured by Benedict, Katrina, and Sand, and then imprisoned in stone. Following the escape of Mirelle and the death of Lilith, his stone form was dropped from Tir'na Nog-th and shattered into a thousand pieces, which was the end of Maximillian.

Moire - Former Queen of Rebma, half-sister of Llewella. Moire chose Gawain as her heir shortly after the death of Morganthe. She herself died in the early skirmishes that followed the end of the Abyss War.

Mondain - Lord of House Manawydan, husband of Llewella, father of Gawain. Mondain spent most of his time away from Llewella, as their marriage had deteriorated very quickly. Though there was some love between them, he found that living with her was more than he could bear. He died early in the Patternfall War.

Morganthë - Princess of Rebma, daughter of Queen Moire. Morganthe is the mother of Martin of Amber. She committed suicide after being abandoned by Prince Random. In repayment for her death, Random was later forced to marry Vialle and remain in Rebma for one year.

Oberon - Former King of Amber, now deceased. Considered a hero the War. Oberon is truly the creator of the legacy of Amber. After the betrayal by Delwin and Sand, he resolved to never again allow his children to unite against him, and so chose to do what he could to make his children fractious and ambitious. It is this legacy which has weakened Amber since his passing.

Osric - Oberon's son by Cymnea. Osric was made Abyssal aeons ago by his brother Finndo, and was cursed to never spill the blood of a family member, including his own. And so he existed for ages, neither dead nor alive, awaiting his opportunity for oblivion. Osric disappeared at the conclusion of the Abyssal War and was never heard from again. He is believed to have perished. In fact, he was imprisoned and later destroyed by Cerridwen.

Paulette - Mother of Prince Random of Amber and of Princess Mirelle, native of Shadow Earth. Afflicted with mortality, she eventually returned to Shadow Earth and died a natural death. She never knew the cause or nature of her daughter's insanity. Recent events have revealed new information, though only a few know the truth of it. Paulette was, in fact, Lydia of Amberlash, and was sent to Amber to bear a child of Oberon.

Rhiannon - Queen of Amber. There is little to be said of Rhiannon. She lost her parents at a very early age and nevertheless grew to be a strong and capable woman. She was respected by her people, but not her family, who viewed her as megalomanical and overbearing. In truth, it was only a matter of time before her own insanity lead to her death. (Trump)

Rowan Jesby - Former Empress of Chaos, Lady of House Jesby, wife of Despil, mother of Stead, Jonathan and Lenore. It broke Rowan's heart to witness the destruction of her house and her flight to Avignon did little to boost her spirits. Though time passed and she recovered somewhat, she was still a very morose woman, easily given to depression and tears. She did not take well to losing her position as Empress of Chaos, and briefly attempted to retake what authority she could. She was thwarted by Sarah Chanicut, however, and her baby daughter was taken from her as hostage for her good behavior. Rowan fled to Amber and received political asylum, but killed Queen Rhiannon in a fight soon afterwards, after Rhiannon maimed Jonathan. She was killed shortly after she got her daughter back, when she attempted to unleash a plague on all the inhabitants of Amber.

Sand - Former queen of Amber; eldest daughter of Oberon. Queen for only 20 days, she sacrificed her life trying to restore Amber. (Trump)

Victoria - Daughter of Fiona, Trump artist, spikard-wielder, all-around wicked woman. Victoria allied herself with the Sufferers' Guild and was slain at the Primal Pattern while attempting to prevent her sister Meredith from restoring the Pattern. What became of the Spikard she wore is unknown. Strangely enough, five years after her death her Trump once again became active, but in a way indicating she had been exposed to the Abyss. Victoria was believed slain by Derrick at the conclusion of the Abyss War, but was sighted later by Meredith. Meredith and her brother Faust played a hand in eventually destroying Victoria during their rescue of Mandor. (Trump)

Vinta Bayle - Daughter of Baron Bayle and former mistress of Prince Caine. Vinta Bayle died in childbirth following the conclusion of the Abyss War.

The LIST of the DEAD

Alexandra Barimen - Former head of House Barimen. Alexandra took the title Duchess, a reference to her position in the Courts of Chaos. Technically, however, she was Queen of Tir-na Nog'th. She was a powerful Logrus Master and a skilled sorceress as well. When the Logrus was corrupted, she became an abyssal slave to Llateri and was slain at the Primal Pattern by Meredith, who wielded a Spikard against her.

Anyssa of Hendrake - Lady of House Hendrake, formerly married to Helgram, Daughter of Lintra and Benedict, mother of Bella Helgram, grandmother of Dara Helgram Sawall. A quiet young woman whose early years were filled with strife and unhappiness, Anyssa eventually found some measure of peace in her marriage to Sebastian Helgram, but soon after the birth of their daughter Bella...she disappeared. It is only now...centuries later...that she returns to a Chaos much changed from her old home. Killed by Bella

Bella Helgram - Daughter of Anyssa Hendrake and Sebastian Helgram, wife of Nicolo Hendrake, mother of Dara Helgram Sawall. Bella was known as one of the most dangerous women of her time, and her strange disappearance came as no surprise to the Courts, for she had made many enemies in the course of her conquests. Her name is associated with a sort of ruthless cunning, such that it is common in Chaos to say that a man or woman " no Bella." She has recently been revealed to be an Abyssal minion... Killed by Faust, Jonathan and Melanie.

Borel Minobee - Lord of Chaos, member of House Hendrake, former master of arms of the Courts of Chaos. Lord Borel was destroyed by Prince Corwin during the Patternfall War. Corwin's dishonorable behavior during that conflict is one of the reason that the Minobees despise those of Amber.

Clitus Sawall - Youngest son of Dara and Gramble. Clitus was killed by Llateri when she was still manipulating the Sufferers' Guild in one of their earlier forays. It was his death that motivated Dara to retrieve her son Shaenan and send him to Amber. Little else is known of Clitus. In fact, Clitus now resides in the Abyss, where he keeps to himself, occassionally associating with those members of the family who have joined him in dark regions.

Edgar of Karm - Representative of the Avatar of Abyss, son of Swayvill and Florimel. All-around villain. It was through Edgar's cooperation with Gawain that Shadow was restored and the Abyss returned to its former state. He was killed by Melanie, by order of Shaenan. (Trump)

Gilva - Lady of Chaos, house of Hendrake, beloved to Merlin. She was slain by Dara, who had other plans for her son Merlin.

Gramble Sawall. - Prince of Chaos, head of the dukedom of Sawall, one of the Rim Lords. He has the distinction of being one of the few Lords of Chaos to die of old age.

Gride - Duchess of Sawall, first wife of Duke Gramble, mother of Prince Mandor. Gride was poisoned in an attempt to assassinate Gramble. Though no evidence was found which could link her death to any one house, it is believed that it was the doing of House Channicut.

Horace - Shadow of Lucier. A part of Lucier's soul that somehow freed itself during the course of his Logrus madness, Horace was later bound to Lucier by the Jewel of Judgement, and thus prevented from taking any action against him. In time, the two merged completely and became one entity. Unfortunately, Lucier died at the conclusion of the Abyss War. (Trump)

Jaelithe Coruscant - Wife of Nicolo Hendrake, mother of Kendral Hendrake. Jaelithe died in childbirth. She was a member of House Coruscant, a minor house, and served as a tutor for the Hendrakes.

Jasra - Former reigning Queen of Kashfa. To all appearances she contracted consumption and died and some rumors indicated that she was beheaded by Sand. She returned from hiding during the Reconstruction and took her place beside her husband Brand, living in Newcastle. Jasra was murdered shortly before her husband's death. During the ensuing chaos, it was never really investigated. It is rumored that her ghost haunts Newcastle, or at least Brand's manor house in Amber City. (Trump)

Jurt - Lord of Chaos, son of Lady Dara and Duke Sawall. Jurt was corrupted along with the Logrus and died at the conclusion of the Abyss War.

Lars Minobee - Former Head of House Hendrake. Lars was slain by Julian during the Patternfall War. His death was one of the contributing factors to the separation of the Minobees and the Hendrakes.

Lilith - Daughter of Lucier and Mary. A strange, beautiful woman who spent much of her existence tracking down and destroying evil beings. She was raised in a Shadow that had vampires, and became a hunter of such creatures. After being found by House Barimen she walked the Pattern and expanded her goals, striving to destroy demons, vampires, and other fell creatures. Five years after Emma's coronation, Lilith was slain by someone who broke into Tir-na Nog'th to rescue Mirelle. With her death, the bloodline of House Barimen has ended.

Lintra - Lady of Chaos, commander of Chaos forces in Avalon during the Patternfall war. A member of House Hendrake, she had a daughter by Benedict and was later slain by him. Dara is descended from Lintra, and it is through Lintra that the blood of Amber was first introduced into Chaos.

Llateri - Daughter of Llewella and Sulemain. Little is said of Llateri any more. She was a monster who sought to destroy all of reality. With the aid of her father, the Avatar of Abyss, she corrupted the Logrus and assumed the place of the Serpent. In her war on Amber, she was destroyed. (Trump)

Lucier Sawall - Second son of Gramble. Lucier was rejected from House Sawall for his failed attempt to assassinate the Crown Princess Emma. He was later formally adopted into his mother's house, House Barimen. He dwelled in Tir-na Nog'th, where he was in 'protective custody', Lady Alexandra having vowed to ensure that his Logrus madness would cause no further harm. He was destroyed by Random and Gawain (who wielded Greyswandir) at the conclusion of the Abyss War.

Lucretia Barimen Sawall - Mother of Lucier, second wife of Gramble Sawall. As the older sister of Oberon, Lucretia was given little say in Oberon's kingdom, and so she chose to instead live with her aunts and become a member of House Barimen. She later married Gramble Sawall and lived in the Courts of Choas. Afflicted with recurring depression, she was unable to withstand post-partum depression and took her life shortly after the birth of her son Lucier.

Lydia Amblerash - Sister of Balaam Amblerash, mother of Caitlin. A logrus initiate, she died during the Abyss War. Little else was said of her, though it was recently revealed that she had posed as Paulette to bear a child of Oberon.

Megalara Barimen - Megalara was the only of the three sisters who had studied Trump artistry, and she is quite adept at it. She spent much of her time in her own quarters, preferring not to socialize with the others. When the Logrus was corrupted, she became Llateri's slave, and she was slain by Derrick at the Primal Pattern.

Nicolo Hendrake Helgram - Husband of Jaelithe, father of Kendral Hendrake. Later husband of Bella Helgram, father of Dara. Headed by the Minobees at the time, House Hendrake would have nothing to do with Nicolo wedding a woman who had the blood of Amber, and so he was forced to join his wife's house upon their marriage. Nicolo was poisoned, and though no House claimed his death, it was suspected to have been the doing of one of the Minobees.

Ryan of Helgram - Son of Dara, member of House Helgram. A newcomer to the Courts, Ryan was raised on Shadow Earth and apparently had little exposure to the traditions of Chaosian society. In Dara, however, it was hoped that he would a good tutor. The question for Ryan was whether or not he could adapt quickly enough to survive. The answer was no.

Sebastian Helgram - Prince of Chaos, house of Helgram, father of Bella Helgram, husband of Anyssa Hendrake. Sebastian was believed destroyed during the Abyss War, but like his daughter he has come back as an Abyssal minion.

Stead - Lord of Chaos, former head of House Jesby. Stead was appointed the new ambassador to Amber by his father Despil before the Abyss War. He married a woman named Elinore, of whom he was rather fond, but when he fled to Avignon with his family at the start of the Abyss War, he was not able to find her. Being reunited with her in Chaos has made him a happy man, and he was also pleased to acquaint himself with his daughter Nessarose. Sadly, he took his own life but months later, having become possessed by the spirit of an undead painter named Theocritus. (Trump)

Suhuy - Prince of Chaos, house of Sawall, the Keeper of the Logrus. Suhuy is the Master of Arts of Chaos, house of Helgram. As Keeper of the Logrus, Suhuy became Llateri's slave when the Logrus was corrupted. He was slain by Princess Katrina at the conclusion of the Abyss War.

Swayvill - former King of Chaos. Though he was able to survive Eric's bloodcurse, the death of Sand was too much for him. It is rumored that he was in league with the Llateri and the Sufferers' Guild...working subtly to destroy Amber by using its dispossessed children. Now that he is dead and Llateri destroyed, there is no way to substantiate this rumor.

Tessa Barimen - The youngest of Dworkin's sisters. Of the three, Tessa was the warrior. An extremely tall young woman with dark hair and eyes, she tended to be very quiet. She was also in charge of piloting Tir-na Nog'th and knew the secrets of how to control its course through Shadow. When the Logrus was corrupted, she became Llateri's slave, and she was slain by Katrina at the Primal Pattern.

The LIST of the DEAD

Celia - Birth mother of Robert Marcellus. A victim of the gynarchic plague spread by Mirelle in Amber city, she is considered a casualty of the Abyssal War. Robert was just five years old when she died.

Elizabeth - Daughter of Benedict by Lucinda Seymour, wife of Bleys, mother of Maximillian and Katrina. Raised in RLW 1289, Elizabeth never met any of her family in Amber, save for Bleys, whom she later married. Though she knew of the family and their heritage, she never expressed any interest in leaving her homeworld or in walking the Pattern. She died in an industrial explosion that resulted from a terrorist attack.

Lucinda Seymour - Wife of Benedict, mother of Elizabeth, grandmother of Katrina and Maximillian. Lucinda was a mortal woman and died of old age. Her last years were filled with much heartbreak over the death of her daughter and the disappearance of her son-in-law. Her true joys in life were her pride in her granddaughter Katrina and the love of her husband.

Mary - Mother of Lilith by Lucier. A powerful sorceress on her homeworld, Mary was visited by an angel who loved her, and gave her a daughter who would grow up to be one of the greatest hunters of evil of her world. Mary died of old age.

Nathaniel - Former King of Deiga, Head of House Wayreth. Nathaniel was a friend of Emma's before she became Queen of Amber, and was actually quite smitten with her. Following the death of his wife, Emma, Nathaniel retired from public life, turning the rule of House Wayreth and Deiga over to a council of advisors, who will rule until his son William reaches the age of twenty-five. Shortly after he abdicated his throne he was captured by Mirelle and turned over to Gawain, who killed him for marrying Emma, Gawain's ex-wife.

Terrell - Prince Jonathan's demonic personal manservant, who came from the Courts originally. The very presence of the god Blethius burned him into ash.

Queens of Amber

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