Amber quotes, Sessions 6-10

"Trump *ON*!  Trump!  I beseech thee!" -- Alastair (no memory version)

"I believe I can lead us out of here.  Grab on behind and form a conga
line." -- Alastair
"You fool!  That could destroy us all!" -- Sand

"We could pretend this isn't happening, go back and have scones and tea."
-- Farad
"I hate scones." -- Alastair

"(The army) won't last a week." -- Duncan
"A week?" -- Farad
"Yes." -- Duncan
"You can put a whole lot of living into a week." -- Farad

"Farad's spell peters out at half the usual distance." -- GM
"Don't you hate it when your spell peters out at half the usual distance?"
-- Duncan

"Lilith is confronting Brand at his Pattern.  Let us go and kick him in
the head multiple times." -- Alastair

"Where'd you get that hawk?" -- Farad
"Wouldn't you like to know?" -- Duncan
"I *think* that's why he asked." -- Sand

"I kneel.  I say 'My allegiance is yours,' with all the sincerity that I
ever do." -- Sand

"Wait.  You two are fighting over something *Bleys* gave you?" -- John
"Oh yeah.  'Here, you take it.'" -- Duncan to Farad

"Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely." -- GM
"Whereas just a little makes us silly." -- Rasa

"(Brand) used to be my friend." -- Gabriel
"Weirdo." -- Mer

"How is it your flag flies above Amber?" -- Gabriel to Brand
"Well, you see, it's by a system of ropes and pulleys..." -- Mer

"I'm sure (Julian) will be as little trouble as Corwin." -- Brand to
Gabriel re: Julian's escape
"Which is like saying 'as little trouble as God.'" -- John

"Don't worry, I'm not in my right mind." -- Farad to Duncan, while
chipping away at Duncan's stone-bound body

"(Lilith) is Corwin's daughter, you prick." -- Brand
"Well, don't blame me!" -- Alastair

"I attempt to Trump Benedict." -- Steve
"No luck." -- GM
"I attempt to Trump Caine." -- GM
"He's dead!" -- Mer
"Well, is it warm or cold?  Oh... wait, I don't have any Trump." -- Steve
"(Rebma's Pattern) fades in and out as you watch." -- GM
"What's causing it?" -- Alastair
"The tide." -- GM
"Is there a moon orbiting the planet at a height of three feet?" -- Alastair

"What are you doing, Alastair?" -- GM
"Picking my nose." -- Alastair

"Alastair's very easy to manipulate." -- Fiona to Colin
"Bring it on, pawn-boy." -- Alastair

"How is the tide of battle going?" -- Duncan
"They've got you outnumbered." -- GM
"Oh, that's bad." -- Duncan

"What's attacking me?  People in armor and shit?" -- Lilith
"No, Black Road, ugly, demon things." -- GM
"No need for armor, just ugliness." -- Dann

"There's some sort of odd power disturbance out in Shadow." -- Alastair
"How odd is that?  It happens every week!" -- Gabriel

"Do I know what the other PCs are doing?  Granted they don't know
themselves..." -- Dann to GM

"You wouldn't happen to be related to Alastair of Amber?" -- Duncan
"He's my evil father.  Now die, Amber scum!" -- Sebastian

"We advance tactically to the rear." -- Duncan to GM

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours." -- Sand, referring to her 
Trump deck
"Mine's very small and unimpressive." -- Alastair

"Do you have a Trump of Lilith?" -- Alastair
"If I had a Trump of Lilith, why would I be tracking her down?" -- Sand

"As (Farad) recovers, I continue to draw blood from him." -- Duncan to GM
"Oh, that will speed his recovery along." -- John

"Do I have a sense that there's an intelligence behind it?" -- Gabriel to GM
"What are we, on the Starship Enterprise?" -- John

"We're talking to Colin, but he refuses to divulge anything useful." --
Alastair to GM
"Maybe if you asked useful questions." -- Colin

"Did I talk to you at some point while you were an idiot?" -- Dann
"Well, you're talking to me now." -- Steve

"Alastair is obviously more sensitive." -- GM to Lilith
"I've noticed that about you.  I find that very attractive." -- Sand to 

"We didn't see (the Jewel) on (Lilith), which leads me to suspect she has
it." -- Rasa to Alastair

"I Trump to Amber." -- Alastair
"You appear in Bramber." -- GM
"I leave." -- Alastair

"Take me to someone in charge." -- Gabriel
"Why should I?" -- Chaosite
"Because, if you don't, I'll kill you, and then talk to someone in
charge." -- Gabriel

"Take me to someone in charge who isn't trying to kill me." -- Gabriel to
another Chaosite

"Brand does something, and all of your generals fall dead." -- GM
"OK, I promote all the colonels." -- Duncan

"Merrie, what are you doing?" -- GM
"Well, I'm taking the game log, but Rasa..." -- Merrie

"It's against Brand." -- Rasa
"Everyone keeps telling me that, and I keep helping them, but I don't get
anything out of it." -- Colin
"You can have your very own clone of Farad." -- Rasa

"Then I wouldn't feel so bad about being useless." -- Dann
"You were very useful to me." -- Kris
"Shut up!" -- Dann

"I triple dog dare you to stab (Fiona) in the back of the head." -- Steve
to Dann

"So, I give (Fiona) the drug, and she's all better now, right?" -- Colin
"Well, actually, she has seizures." -- GM
"Oh, that was what we were working towards." -- Tony

"The trick is to get (Brand) so pissed off that he starts making mistakes. 
I read that somewhere." -- Colin
"Stopping the Black Road will drain me." -- Lilith
"Then, by all means, proceed." -- Alastair

"It's taking a long time, you're getting a massive headache." -- GM
"Fucking Pattern!" -- Colin

"(Sand) is tied to this bed that's burning, and screaming." -- GM
"The bed is screaming?" -- Alastair

"You're not quite that strong, Mr. Not-Gerard" -- GM to Alastair

"Your Pattern skills are even weaker." -- GM
"Lame." -- Dann
"OK, your Pattern skills are even lamer." -- GM
"Just don't piss yourself, whatever you do." -- Steve

"You know, Suhuy.  The big nasty guy who could kick my ass without even
trying." -- Dann
"That describes any number of people." -- Kris
"Shut up!" -- Dann

"Brand may be stupid, but he is powerful." -- Lilith to Alastair

"You're starting to feel strange." -- GM
"It was the food the hotel sent up, the fuckers!" -- Colin

"Get us the fuck out, oh shapeshifter dude!" -- Colin to Suhuy

"(Fiona's) either out of range, unconscious, or dead." -- GM
"Cool!" -- Alastair

"I'm going to use Morse code and tell him "Farad, you dumb-ass, answer
your Trump.  And he can understand it, because it's in Thari-Morse." --
Rasa to GM

"How do you find (Fiona)? -- GM
"I'm real sly about it.  I think of some method that neither you nor I
would." -- Dann

"Why did I let (Farad) wake up?" -- John
"Because you were stupid and let the GM control you." -- Kris

"Geez, if it's that easy to distract (Brand), let's just get a posse of
chairs." -- Merrie, after someone distracted Brand by throwing a chair at

"I'm going to Trump Farad for an hour straight, and when I collapse, you
start.  Persistence makes the heart grow fonder." -- Rasa to Lilith

"(Chaosites) are not difficult when you deal with them the way I do." --
"Beat them into submission?" -- Lilith
"Well, I didn't beat them *all* into submission." -- Gabriel

"Fealty, shmealty.  They ask me to swear, I do.  It makes them feel
better." -- Gabriel to Lilith

"Lilith tells me that it would be a poor idea to tell (Brand) that she's
planning to destroy his Pattern.  I don't understand this." -- Gabriel to

"I Trump (Lilith)." -- Sand
"It doesn't go through." -- GM
"I go have a good meal, then." -- Sand

"I am Alastair the mighty, I do what Gabriel says." -- Alastair
"Wait, if you're Alastair the mighty, why are you following other people's
advice?" -- John

"I walk the Pattern in my mind." -- Colin
"You get an image of Brand's Pattern in your mind, and you fall down
screaming." -- GM
"I don't do that again." -- Colin

"Do I get the feeling that Alastair being consumed by the Black Road is
not a good thing?" -- Gabriel to GM

"Alastair, I assume you're not feeling a certain oneness with (the Black)
Road?" -- Gabriel
"Not in a good sense." -- Alastair

"Brand appears and tries to run Lilith through." -- GM
"Brand.  Stop it." -- Gabriel

"You set foot on the Pattern and burst into flames." -- GM to Rasa
"Stop, drop and roll." -- Ian

"I'll walk the Pattern, but I won't like it." -- Rasa to GM
"You're in the middle of Forest Arden, and you're still smoking." -- GM to
"Don't you know that's bad for your health?" -- Dann

"There's no way I can take that army down there, right?" -- Lilith to GM

"Why do you think my father is insane?" -- Farad
"Well, you told me that he's your father." -- Alastair

"Any manias Farad has about world-domination are amplified by the
Spikard." -- GM
"There's not much room for them to grow." -- Farad

"Do I have a Trump of Colin?" -- Alastair to GM
"I'm right here, fool!" -- Colin

"You see this horse riding down the black road towards you." -- GM
"Just a horse?" -- Farad
"Well, there's someone on it, of course." -- GM

"Why don't we Trump Brand and mentally dominate him?" -- Alastair to Farad

"Brand, we'll give you the Jewel, but first we must discuss terms.  You
know you can't defeat both of us." -- Alastair to Brand, referring to
himself and Farad

"I already walked (Brand's Pattern) once.  I don't want to die." -- Rasa
"Third time's a charm." -- Alastair

(Brand) draws his sword and advances on you." -- GM to Farad
"Is he drawing his sword in the Trump artist sense, or in the fighting
sense?" -- Alastair

"Sand, what are you doing?" -- GM
"The guards." -- Steve

"My allegiances grow only more confused, Ganelon." -- Gabriel

"Oh fine, let Eric have the fucking Jewel.  Let him put his ass on the
line." -- Lilith to GM

"If I die, I would like Lilith to succeed me on the throne." -- Corwin to
"Oh, fuck!" -- Lilith

"You can't beat me up, because you owe me." -- Colin
"That's OK, I can beat you up and owe you double." -- Rasa

"Does anyone have a Trump of Mara?" -- Alastair
"No." -- GM
"Well, I'll just wait for her to drop a Trump of herself." -- Alastair

"You make mental contact with a sub-lieutenant, who falls to the ground
throwing up blood." -- GM
"At this rate I'll conquer the army by the end of the world." -- Alastair

"I am Sebastian, son of Alastair." -- Sebastian
"That's odd.  I know Alastair, and I don't recall him having any children.
Of course, I don't know him very well." -- Alastair

"Do you have the Jewel?" -- Rasa
"No, but I know who does." -- Lilith
"Cool.  It's not Gabriel, is it?" -- Rasa

"I am Colin, Prince of Amber." -- Alastair
"Does he realize that I'm in the room?" -- Colin to GM
"Yes, but I say it anyway." -- Alastair

"Where are they?" -- Alastair
"We're in the center of the Pattern.  I'm not stupid." -- Lilith
"Oh?" -- Alastair
"I didn't pick you (as the one to attune to the Jewel), did I?" -- Lilith

"Brand stops mentally dominating you while Greyswandir is in him." -- GM
"Well, I leave it there." -- Alastair

"You get this strange feeling, but then it passes." -- GM
"Oh well, I guess I'll live with it.  It can't be worse than the rest of
my life." -- Alastair
"(Oberon's Trump) is cold sometimes, but sort of not." -- GM to Alastair

"You want to steal the Jewel." -- Rasa
"How do you know?" -- Alastair
"Because I want to steal it." -- Rasa

"So, did we win?" -- Farad
"Yes.  Everyone, in fact, except Brand, did win." -- Sand

"Actually, (Brand's) still dead, right?" -- Alastair to GM

"Don't you think I would have noticed that I was too tired to walk the
Pattern?" -- Alastair
"With your ego, it's hard to tell." -- GM

"There's a Black Road leading up to the castle gates." -- Alric, Brand's
chief functionary
"Oh, bummer." -- Farad

"I can't be coronated Queen unless Oberon is dead." -- Lilith to Rasa and
"That statement could be taken two ways, Lilith." -- Alastair

"(Eric) throws a chair at you." -- GM
"I duck." -- Colin
"Unlike Brand." -- Rasa
"This is why he's dead, and I'm not." -- Colin

"Let's just let the Chaos people in." -- Farad to Sand

"The Chaos people are flooding through the castle, killing everyone in
sight."  -- GM
"How rude." -- Alastair
"I avoid them." -- Farad

"Did (Mara) actually hit me?  How totally unnecessary." -- Farad to GM

"Corwin's dead, want his head?" -- Rasa to Lilith

"I trust Farad about as far as I can kick him." -- Colin to Fiona

"How was your day?" -- Alastair
"I found a dead head of Corwin." -- Rasa

"There's not enough there to hold a personality." -- GM, referring to the
strange Chaos creature
"So, basically it's just like Sand." -- Lilith

"Are you supposed to be scary, or just some bird/lizard circus sideshow
freak?"  -- Colin to Rasa

"Do you realize that you can be used to make pillows and suitcases?" --
Colin to Rasa

"Alastair?" -- Tain
"Maybe..." -- Alastair
"Well, Benedict sent me to help you." -- Tain
"Then I am he." -- Alastair

"Free yourself from those chains, and I'll pull you through." -- Alastair
to Farad

"You feel the Logrus pouring through your body." -- GM
"I raise Pattern." -- Alastair
"It's Tain." -- GM
"Oh.  Never mind." -- Alastair

"You aren't having much luck with the boltcutters." -- GM
"Did I mention that my bolt cutters are made out of adamantium?" --

"What is (Alastair) doing?" -- Farad
"He's trying to psychically dominate your chains." -- GM
"Is it working any better than the bolt cutters?" -- Farad

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