Amber quotes, Sessions 31-36

Session 31

"You see someone who looks like Caine and Farad standing outside of the
window." -- GM
"He looks like Caine *and* Farad?" -- Sean
"No, there's two people, one looks like Caine, one looks like Farad." --

"It was good right up until the point where (Caine) touched me." -- Sean
to GM

"Your Trump powers are gone." -- GM to Paris
"That's right.  I took them.  I'm extra Trumpy now." -- Sean

"Something is not working in your Trump abilities, you're not sure what."
-- GM
"Caine!" -- Sean

"I attempt to use the energy that I won't mention to sense what's stopping
me from sensing things." -- Alastair to GM

"I guess you could rape a village." -- John L. to John K.

"Farad's turning people into bunnies.  This is a bad sign." -- Rasa
"I understand it happens all the time." -- Edward

"Sean, please don't take this the wrong way, but it's getting harder and
harder not to kill you, so I'm giving up trying." -- Gabriel to Sean

"I'm there for you, Sean." -- Edward
"You don't really say that." -- Mer
"Yes, I do." -- Steve M.
"Remember, Alastair is not Edward." -- GM
"*That* doesn't make it right!" -- Mer

"I Trump Werewindle to me." -- Sean
"The belt came with it." -- GM
"I bet my pants fall down." -- Rasa
"Well, we can count Gabriel out of this fight." -- Steve C.
"Except, I don't wear any pants." -- Rasa

"Caine.  How is it that you're not dead?" -- Gabriel to Caine

"I charge towards Farad, 'cause I know one way to really fuck him up.  And
me too, though" -- Rasa to GM
"Rasadriel the dragon swoops past you towards Farad." -- GM to Gabriel
"I don't suppose there's any chance of my stopping the marauding dragon?"
-- Gabriel

"I think (Paris) is asleep." -- Edward
*nod* -- Duncan
"What do we do now?" -- Edward
*shrug* -- Duncan

"I go someplace private and examine 'it'" -- Edward to GM

"How long have you been dealing with Amberites, Edward?" -- Paris
"What time is it?" -- Edward

"If you shoot (Sean) again (while he's walking the Pattern), I'll be
forced to attack you." -- Lilith to Dmitri
"Hey, that means you get another shot!" -- Tony

"Dmitri, were you going to the infirmary to make sure Sean was OK?" --
"I was going to the infirmary to make sure of Sean, yes." -- Dmitri

"Merrie, I think your campaign focuses on sex a lot more than mine does."
-- GM
"That's OK, Andrew, your campaign is sexy enough." -- Tony

"I suggest the two of you start cooperating so I can get through to
Gabriel, because otherwise I'm going to pout for the next ten years." --
Rasa to Edward and Sean

"What is that?" -- Lilith
"It's a key." -- Edward
"A key to what?" -- Lilith
"To the yooniverse!" -- Edward

"I get up really close to that thing, and blow on it." -- Edward
"You disappear." -- GM

"We can try *that* thing." -- Lilith
"Perhaps if we try it together, we'll at least end up together." -- Dmitri

"If we're going to do it, I want to be there." -- Gabriel to Rasa,
referring to having sex

"I am unclear as to how Rasadriel wound up with the Jewel." -- Lilith to
"I like Rasadriel, it was a jewel, what do you want?" -- Gabriel

"This is a read-only key, right?" -- Dmitri to Lilith and Edward

Session 32

"The sword seems to be developing an affinity for you, my dear." -- Bleys
"That's because it's *Gabriel.*" -- Rasa
"It wants to be sheathed." -- John L.

"Everyone likes Paris, until he tries to kill them." -- Kris to the group
at large

"Suddenly, nothing happens." -- GM to Sean

"The last person to summon the Logrus next to the Pattern was killed." --
"But what happened to the object they were carrying?" -- Edward

"Where are you getting these rocks, Edward?" -- Tony
"Everyone knows the Pattern room is full of rocks." -- Edward

"When I get close to Caine, I give him a flat tire to distract him." --
Paris to GM

"Your feeble mind is no match for my humor." -- John L. to Patrick

"I'm glad you're alive, Alastair.  I heard you were really cool." -- Steve
M., speaking as Edward, to his former character

"Suddenly, you don't know what to do with your crossbow." -- GM
"This looks like it would go well with onions." -- Gabriel

"I assume that we have a truce, now?  You're not trying to kill me
anymore?" -- Merlin
"I was never trying to kill you." -- Farad
"You turned me to stone." -- Merlin
"You didn't die, did you?" -- Farad

"How about a big, heart-shaped bed that vibrates?" -- Paris to GM

"Are you mad at me, you seem kind of quiet?" -- Gabriel
"No, I'm just contemplating treason." -- Rasa

"I just wish there was someone around who was a little more level-headed
to advise (Lilith), who's not me." -- Gabriel

"I need two things: first, I need to borrow Greyswandir.  Second, I need
housekeeping to send a clean set of sheets to my room." -- Dmitri
(whispered) to Lilith

"I suspect if I had a more direct hand in the government, I would be less
disgruntled." -- Sean to Lilith

"If we were doing that thing that we were doing the first time, we're
still doing that." -- Gabriel to Rasa

"But, our powers don't work in Amber." -- Dmitri's sorcerer
"I thought I told you to study." -- Dmitri

"Don't hurt (Rebecca), Rasadriel" -- Gabriel
"Rasadriel falls to the ground, unmoving." -- GM

Session 33

"Dworkin?" -- Paris
"Yes, Paris?" -- Dworkin
"Which way to the Primal Pattern?" -- Paris
"Practice, boy, practice." -- Ian

"I asked you to do a simple thing.  Take care of Lilith.  Take care of
Colin.  Kill them." -- Dworkin to Paris
"That's two things." -- Steve M.

"I Trump Lilith.  No, wait, she's dead, that would be stupid." -- Gabriel
to GM

"Yes, I'm afraid you are one of the few people that can see through my
disguise.  At least I hope you are." -- Deirdre to Alastair

"Come here and put your hand on this jewel." -- Deirdre to Alastair

"Farad has cast a spell on Castle Amber such that everyone is his willing
servant, except there's a lot of paperwork involved." -- Gabriel to

"Guys, I have work to do here, and if you're not helping me, you're
unconscious." -- Gabriel to Alastair and Farad

"Suddenly, the whole throne room is knee deep in water." -- GM
"Does this put the fire (on the floor) out?" -- Gabriel

"Suddenly, everything that was lime-green in Amber turns neon pink." -- GM
to the group at large
"My clothes!  Ruined!" -- Alastair

"You'd better leave us alone in the bathroom." -- Alastair to Duncan's

"Is that a sword in your pocket, or are you just carrying a dagger to
avenge my death?" -- John K., speaking for Duncan's ghost

"I psychically attack the ghost." -- Alastair
"There's nothing there." -- GM

"How did (the ghost) Trump me?" -- Paris
"He has ghost Trumps." -- GM

"Alastair, suddenly you have someone trying to mentally contact your
mind." -- GM to Alastair
"As opposed to trying to contact your left foot." -- Patrick

"We're going to get hungry soon, and the only thing we have to eat is each
other." -- Alastair to Paris and Duncan's ghost

"(Colin's) number one in the death avenging business.  He wrote the book
on death avenging.  He's forgotten more about avenging deaths than I'll
ever know." -- Alastair to Duncan's ghost

"I find everything I can on ghosts and read it." -- Farad
"OK, this will take you about four years." -- GM
"Can I skim?" -- Farad

"You could channel a bunch of energy into the ghost (to try to get rid of
it)." -- GM to Farad
"Oh great, so it can be annoying *and* powerful." -- Paris

Session 34

"I'm sure that Colin is feeding me something." -- Lilith to GM

"I'm not going to Trump you when you're on your 'own personal throne.'
Call me when you're done wiping." -- Alastair to Sean

"When I finish walking the Pattern, I Trump to the castle, wait for
someone to invade it again, and kill them." -- Gabriel to GM

"Farad and I unite in meta-concert." -- Alastair
"You're both *way* too egotistical to unite in meta-concert." -- GM
"Well, as long as I'm in charge, I'm sure things will be fine." --
"Like I said, *way* too egotistical." -- GM

Session 35

"You don't get any relief in my game, you just become a ghost." -- GM to
the group at large

"Fiona is an evil bitch queen, why would we Trump her?" -- Alastair to

"Now that I've killed Colin, I'm a lot more powerful." -- Dworkin
"Are you a lot more rational?" -- Alastair

Session 36

"After six months, you think you've come up with a way to get out." -- GM
"We try it." -- Paris
"It doesn't work." -- GM
"Why are you talking to us?" -- Paris

"You're flirting in the Abyss." -- GM
"Hey, big boy." -- Paris

"The spell was supposed to produce rabid dogs, not rabbits." -- Steve C.
"Well, rabid, rabbit..." -- Mer
"See, that was your mistake." -- Steve C.
"My pronunciation's not so good." -- Ian
"Perhaps you should run your spells through a spell checker." -- Steve M.

"Your father's dead, and you didn't like him anyway." -- Rasa
"I liked him fine, except when he was trying to kill me." -- Gabriel

"You're too short to box with God." -- John L. to Tony

"I think I know of a way out of here." -- Lilith
"Where's that blender?" -- Sean

"I couldn't stop him.  He's taking control, sometimes." -- Dmitri/Paris
"Which one of you is saying that?" -- Sean

"If someone came to me and said 'Hey, the Pattern is sentient,' I'd say,
'Hey, you're fucked in the head.'" -- Tony to John L.

"I'm very good at that: the stop, drop and bleed." -- Farad to the group
at large

"I doubt that I'm insane." -- Alastair to Farad

"Let's throw (Farad's) intangible body onto the Pattern." -- John L.
"Let's get a big, intangible rake." -- Steve M.

"We haven't killed anyone yet in this game.  Let's kill (Caine)." --
Duncan to the group at large

"Alastair, shall I spare (Caine's) life?  Guess not." -- Dmitri to

"Well, I hope this will put to rest any theories that I killed Caine." --
Farad to the group at large, after Dmitri kills Caine

"Alastair's here.  Help us find him.  Keep walking until you trip over
something you can't see." -- Dmitri to Deirdre

"I stab Farad." -- Sean
"I throw him onto the Pattern." -- Duncan
"I stab him while he's being thrown onto the Pattern." -- Sean

"Deirdre.  Deirdre!  Deirdre!!!" -- Alastair
"She's ignoring you, fan boy." -- Ian
"No she's not, she just hasn't heard me yet." -- Steve M.

"You don't know this, but..." -- GM to Gabriel

"You can only Pattern teleport to people you are close to." -- GM to
"I'm very close to Dworkin.  I want to kick his ass." -- Lilith

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