Amber quotes, Sessions 26-30

Session 26
"I ride up to the castle gate for the third time in my failed attempt to
find the woman who was my wife whose name I can't remember." -- Gabriel to

"Claude appears to have been stabbed with a stabbing weapon." -- GM to

"There appears to be something wrong with Dmitri.  Perhaps we should
help." -- Duncan to Alastair

"I don't know if you want to drink anything that's your body weight in
anything, especially if it's sentient." -- John K.
"I don't know, I used to do that with beer when I was a freshman." -- Ian

"Is (Paris) getting dumber?" -- Sean to GM
"That isn't possible." -- Paris

"I go to my quarters and read the _Kama Sutra_.  And then I Trump Lilith."
-- Gabriel to GM

"If I get a chance to kill Farad, would that bother you?" -- Alastair
"Well, I'd like to speak with him first." -- Gabriel

"Do you know what Bonaparte would say if he were alive?  He'd say 'Let me
out of this box!'" -- Sean to GM

"Colin went down with Lilith." -- GM

"By the time you're done, both your hands would be decapitated." -- GM
"My god, my hands have no heads on them!" -- Sean

"(Is Colin) Trumping or teleporting?" -- Sean to GM
"Teleporting.  Like I'd ever use something as passe as Trump." -- Colin

"It's very awkward to be wooed by Flora." -- Gabriel to Rasa

"Because you are related to this person, I think you should know that I'm
married." -- Gabriel
"You're married to my sister!" -- Rasa

"You haven't seen your wife in 112 years, and you think you're still
married to her?  You're 140!" -- Rasa
"Yes, I married young." -- Gabriel

"Colin, has anyone ever told you that you're incredibly horny?" -- Lilith
to Colin

"(Gabriel's) married to who?" -- Lilith
"To some dead woman who keeps having his children." -- Rasa

"I Trump myself above the center of the Pattern." -- Sean
"You probably want to reconsider that, because it's going to kill you." -- GM

"Why don't we put someone in the (barred) Shadow, and see what happens?"
-- Sean
"OK." -- Paris
"Duncan, come here." -- Sean
"I'm being brainraped by Alastair, you'll have to wait." -- Duncan

"Can I determine what's wrong with (Duncan's) mind?" -- Alastair
"It's possible that there's been too much tampering with it." -- GM

"If I described my wife to you, could you do her?" -- Gabriel to Rasa

"Is there something wrong with your eyebrows?" -- Sean
"No, they still work." -- Alastair

"Is it really Rasa?" -- Sean
"It sounds like her, it looks like her, it tastes like her." -- GM

"What does Colin like to do, besides stare at Lilith in a teddy?" -- Kris
"(He) used to be an assassin." -- Dann
"Oh great, so (Lilith has) the urge to fuck (herself) and kill people." --

"Are you really from Chaos?" -- Alastair
"Yes." -- Sean
"Is Finndo really your father?" -- Alastair
"Yes." -- Sean
"Is (Alastair) brainraping you?" -- Kris
"Yes." -- John L.

"Be careful what you wish for, because (the GM) may twist it." -- Dann to
the group at large

"Trust has nothing to do with retribution.  Never confuse the two." -- Sean
"Is Thari your first language, Sean?" -- Alastair

"Steve (M.) is not imminently bribable, he's just easy." -- GM to the
group at large

Session 27
"Farad's ego is like gravity.  It's just there." -- Dann to the group at

"You could always ask Alastair." -- GM
"No, he won't tell me anything.  What kind of cabal is this?" -- Sean

"You shapeshift into Alastair." -- GM
"I think my arrogance is showing through." -- Paris

"The longer you stay in Paris' mind, the more insane you will get." -- GM
"That's not one of Alastair's concerns." -- Alastair

"I wait for something to attack me, and then I kill it." -- Gabriel to GM

"Something weird this way comes." -- Tony to the group at large

"Can I use the Jewel to interfere in what Alastair is doing?" -- Lilith to
"What!  We have the Jewel!" -- Colin

"Why does Farad have amnesia?" -- Alastair to GM
"He can't remember." -- Ian

"Farad lost his memory due to trauma." -- GM
"Maybe trauma will restore it." -- Gabriel
"This is not Gilligan's island." -- Alastair

"Farad, you're starting to get your memory back, Alastair's mindrape had
that affect." -- GM
"Boy, that seemed familiar to me." -- Farad

Session 28
"What is your primal form?" -- GM
"I don't know.  It's probably got lots of hair." -- Rasa
"She's Cousin It." -- Kris

"Would you care to elaborate why you're defensive in that area?" -- Suhuy
"I'm not defensive.  I think you're being defensive." -- Paris

"I Trump Sean." -- Alastair
"A large pail of water splashes you in the face, from a distance." -- GM
"Servant!  Towel!" -- Alastair

"Suhuy/Freud is the father you never had." -- GM
"Asshole." -- Paris
"Freud will probably go into those comments a little deeper than you'd
like." -- Tony

"Rasa, you're chasing after Gabriel in an elephant-like form, with horns."
-- GM
"I'm going to start beaming sex through the mental contact." -- Gabriel
"Rasa, you've got about 10% of your consciousness back, the other 90% is
subconscious chasing Gabriel." -- GM
"OK, now we throw in the oral sex." -- Gabriel

"I wouldn't have been having this conversation if I'd known that you were
standing there naked." -- Gabriel to Rasa

"I've got to remember, more mindrapes.  It works much better." -- Rasa to

"So, we lost the Jewel in what, three hours?" -- Rasa
"Yeah, well at least we had the sex thing in the middle, so it wasn't a
total loss." -- Gabriel
"But it wasn't real sex, and now my abdomen is gone!" -- Rasa

"Alastair, you see Paris draw his sword and ram it through your heart.
You're only peripherally aware of this until it's too late." -- GM
"Then I'll fall over dead." -- Alastair

"(Gabriel and I) lost the Jewel.  Oops." -- Rasa
"(Paris and I) killed Alastair.  I don't think either party is doing
exceptionally well." -- Dmitri

"OK, Dmitri, what are you doing?" -- GM
"Well, we're floating in the Abyss, so I take out the bowling ball of
doom..." -- Dmitri

"Well (Alastair's death) will set the security of Amber back at least a
week." -- Gabriel to Lilith, Rasa and Dmitri

"A good rule of thumb is, anytime you can kill Benedict, go for it." --
Gabriel to Lilith, Rasa and Dmitri

"I cut (Paris') legs off." -- Gabriel
"I continue to crawl towards Lilith." -- Paris
"OK, I cut his arms off." -- Gabriel

"Why am I not regent yet?" -- Alastair
"Because you're dead." -- John K.

"What do you get with the throne?  A lot of people trying to kill you." --
Rasa to Gabriel

Session 30
"Your petty attempts at deception were quite petty." -- Steve M. to the
group at large

"That Shadow no longer exists." -- Alastair
"Then that was a really stupid place for us to meet." -- Gabriel

"I'm glad we did this test run." -- Sean to Paris, while watching Dmitri
in the giant blender

"Farad said that Dmitri is being pureed in a giant blender, courtesy of
Paris and Sean.  I can't say I'm very happy about this." -- Gabriel to

"Mind if I come through to you?  I promise not to kill you." -- Gabriel to

"We need a Fortress of Solitude." -- Paris to Sean

"This sucks.  There's nothing to build a blender with here." -- Sean to
Paris, while trapped in Dworkin's void

"Don't point that stick in my direction, Trump-boy." -- Dmitri
"I don't need my stick anymore.  I have Trump powers." -- Edward the

"I give you a different code word.  A special code word.  But not
obscene." -- Gabriel to Rasa

"What is it?" -- Gabriel
"It's a large brain.  It Trumped me." -- Rasa
"I knock her out." -- Edward

"You don't necessarily want to piss off a big, insane blob, now do you?"
-- John K. to the group at large

"I'll come through.  But I'll kill (Paris and Sean)." -- Gabriel
"OK." -- Rasa

"Do you want to scoop (the blob) up into that blender?" -- Gabriel to Rasa

"I prod the brain with my sword.  Does that seem to bug it?" -- Gabriel to

"(My mind) is a Death Star, babycakes." -- Rasa to the Sean/Paris blob
"Actually, I hate to tell you this, but you're only an Imperial Star
Destroyer." -- GM

"Put (Paris and Sean) in the blender, and let's go get dinner." -- Gabriel
to Dmitri

"If you can kill (Paris and Sean), do so." -- Lilith
"Well, that means we're not going to dinner any time soon." -- Gabriel

"I'm going to relax, and..." -- Edward to GM
"Let your sphincter go?" -- Mer

"Gabriel just took out one of your hearts." -- Farad to the Paris/Sean
"I'm in no hurry." -- Paris to Sean

"Save yourself!" -- Dworkin
"Screw off!" -- Paris

"I would love for you to educate me." -- Edward
"Hopefully, that won't be necessary." -- Gabriel
"No, seriously, I would love for you to educate me." -- Edward
"Oh.  I thought that was a veiled threat of some sort." -- Gabriel

"I've got an idea to screw over Dworkin, Lilith and Colin." -- Paris to
"No, you don't." -- Dworkin
"Yeah, I do." -- Paris

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