Amber quotes, Sessions 21-25

"Does anybody want to take the log and be really lucky tonight?" -- GM to
the group at large

"Actually, Alastair, I think it's important that we *don't* have strong
leadership." -- Farad to Alastair

"One of the guards falls over dead." -- GM
"Oops." -- Alastair

"Oh yeah?  Well, I'm in the same Shadow as the Jewel!" -- Alastair
"Lilith is my own Jewel." -- Colin
"Perhaps you rival me in perceptiveness." -- Alastair to Bleys

"It looks just like the Hall of Portraits, except there's no portraits in
it." -- GM to Lilith

"I pick up the gun and unload it." -- Duncan to GM
"Into who?" -- Dann

"Under the guise of helping Colin to the infirmary, I tie Colin and lock
him in the closet, after first knocking him unconscious." -- Duncan to GM

"I try to find Colin." -- Sean to GM
"I tell Sean where he is." -- Duncan to GM
"That will help." -- Sean to GM

"OK, I want to see all of you guys in my room in a few minutes, now!" --
Gabriel to Duncan

"You seem to have an excessive amount of armor." -- Gabriel
"I have an excessive amount of gunshot wounds." -- Colin

"Alastair, someone's moving you around in bed." -- GM
"I reciprocate." -- Alastair

"I have a mind like a steel sieve." -- Duncan to Charlie

"Colin's gone insane, and it's his own fault." -- Duncan to Sean

"I wouldn't have shot you, until you took the gun away." -- Colin to Sean
"Is (this guy) a shapeshifter?" -- Sean
"Yes.  Wait, you can't tell!" -- GM

"You've always been very helpful, when you're not sabotaging my plans." --
Rasa to Alastair

"I'm going to overwhelm Paris' ego." -- Alastair
"I love what you have done with your hair!" -- John

"Are you all right?" -- Sean
"I will be, once I get this mutton on." -- Paris

"Where's the fishnet?" -- Paris to GM

"I act like this all the time.  I don't understand why I've got such a bad
rap." -- Gabriel to Lilith

"One of your sorcerers does something, and it turns to stone." -- GM
"Great." -- Dmitri
"No, I mean the sorcerer." -- GM
"Shit." -- Dmitri

"Surrender!  Surrender!" -- Rasa
"I'll never surrender!" -- Dmitri
"Me, you idiot!" -- Rasa

"Release my men.  Man.  That one can put out his own hair." -- Dmitri to

"Why did you crash into my tent?" -- Dmitri
"I'm new to flying.  The only other time I did it, I wrecked the castle."
-- Rasa

"You can pick up Gabriel's sword, it won't hurt you." -- GM
"Really, I can sense that?" -- Sean
"Well, no." -- GM

"I Trump in poison gas." -- Alastair
"How?" -- GM
"Never mind." -- Alastair

"How can I help you?" -- Alastair
"Kill Lilith.  And then kill yourself." -- Paris
"Well, as long as you do it in that order, I am willing to help you, up to
a certain point." -- Alastair

"This isn't working." -- Paris to the group at large, holding up his
severed leg
"How do we get involved in this stuff?" -- Duncan
"Because we dare the infinite!" -- Alastair

"Why is it that every time I Trump you, you've been shot?" -- Lilith
"I've just had a bad run of luck." -- Rasa

"I'm really good, compared to these Shadow scum." -- Sean
"I know, that's why you're winning." -- GM
"Well, tell *him* that." -- Sean

"(Alastair) is in Shadow Blah." -- GM
"Can we name this Shadow already?" -- John

"I land the dragon." -- Sean to GM
"Away from the lava." -- Alastair to GM

"Please get on my dragon and discuss this." -- Sean
"What about my horse?" -- Gabriel
"Throw it in the lava." -- Sean

"Can this dragon pick up (Gabriel's) horse?" -- Sean
"Sure.  It will probably eat it." -- GM

"Lilith, let's do something.  Why don't we take over Chaos, while these
guys are fooling around?" -- Rasa to Lilith

"Great minds think alike." -- Gabriel to Lilith
"And so do ours." -- Sean
"Inferior minds think alike as well." -- Paris

"That's the last time I use the GM for my moves." -- Sean to the group at

"There is no Farasa, only Zuul." -- Kris to the group at large

"All of a sudden there are earthquakes, and lava starts spewing all over
the place." -- GM
"Oh, this is an improvement." -- Gabriel

"Lilith and Farad are touching each other in the middle of the Pattern."
-- GM
"I'm a little vague on my anatomy.  Where exactly is the middle of the
Pattern?"  -- Sean

"You feel Alastair entering your mind." -- GM
"Can I blast him?" -- Farad
"Yes." -- GM
"Oh.  Cool.  I don't, though." -- Farad

"Lilith and Colin are joined together and they're pushing." -- GM to the
group at large

"You think maybe a big duck looks kind of suspicious." -- GM
"I quack friendily." -- Paris

"The entity that is the three of you falls apart.  Farad falls unconscious
where he is, and Lilith and Colin fall exhausted into each other's arms in
the center of the Pattern." -- GM
"How kinky." -- Colin
"How romantic." -- Lilith
"How trite." -- Farad
"I can just see it now.  Farad will say, 'Oh Sean, may I borrow
Werewindle?  I'd like to melt it down into a lawn ornament.'" -- Kris to
the group at large

"Where is Gabriel?" -- Rasa
"He's out in the field, eliminating the last of the resistance." -- GM
"Oh, I guess he doesn't want to have sex then." -- Rasa

"So, where does on her body does Rasa hide Gabriel's Trump?" -- Steve C.
"I don't think we need to know that." -- Tony

"Let's have a special Valentine's Day session." -- Steve M. to the group
at large

"Spelling is overrated." -- Mer (the game log) to Kris

"Going through the bad part of the ocean is pretty much like going through
the good part, only less waves." -- Duncan to Dmitri

"You arrive on the edge of the Shadow, which is disintegrating." -- GM
"I step back." -- Alastair

"Are you guys going to do anything, or are you just going to sit and talk
all day." -- GM to Duncan and Dmitri

"Can Alastair keep his soul in an egg?" -- Alastair
"No." -- GM
"Damn." -- Alastair

"You see Alastair basically kill Gerard with a sword." -- GM
"Oh, only basically." -- Gabriel

"Trump contact with NPCs is never wise." -- Steve M. to Kris

"Rasa, I've had a great idea.  Come through and help us defeat our enemy."
-- Alastair
"So you can kill me too?" -- Rasa

"Didn't I save Bleys' life?  He's alive.  I must have saved his life." --
Gabriel to GM

"Do I realize that Rasa's stuck in a Trump trap?" -- Gabriel
"No." -- GM
"I join in the contact." -- Gabriel
"Now you're stuck too." -- GM
"*Now* do I realize that she's stuck in a Trump trap?" -- Gabriel
"Oh, yes." -- GM
"Good.  At least now I know what's going on.  That's all I wanted." --

"Corwin for you, Corwin for me.  Bleys for you... and Bleys for you." --
Farad, pretending to sort out Rasa's duplicate Trump.

"Do you intend to kill Rasa?" -- Gabriel
"No." -- Alastair
"Did you kill Gerard?" -- Gabriel
"No, I did not." -- Alastair
"Well, that clears things up." -- Gabriel

"Do you always take people at their word?" -- Rasa
"Yes." -- Gabriel
"I'm surprised you're not dead by now." -- Rasa

"Were you not involved in a scheme to remove Lilith from Amber a week
ago?" -- Gabriel
"Yes, but let me explain." -- Alastair

"You and Colin reach critical mass, and it starts to fade away." -- GM to

"If I were evil, there would be so much brainraping going on." -- Alastair
"There is that much brainraping going on." -- Farad

"As soon as Farad starts casting a spell, I'm going to stop him." --
"How?" -- GM
"I throw a dagger at him." -- Alastair
"Oh, that could hurt." -- Farad

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