Amber quotes, Sessions 16-20

"Wixer, sic him!" -- Alastair, referring to the creature walking the
Primal Pattern
"Wixer licks your feet." -- GM

"Is there anything I can throw at (the creature)?  Rock-hard Wixer turds?"
-- Alastair to GM

"I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting your sneak attack." -- Bonaparte
"I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting it either." -- Gabriel

"The fact that you're still alive, despite the fact that I'm rather
irritated with you, indicates that you haven't been treated poorly." --
"That's a rather rude thing to say when you're surrounded by my army." --

"Are you saying that we haven't provided adequate protection for you from
the doppleganger who is pretending to be you?" -- Gabriel to Bonaparte

"I place you under arrest for the murder of two million people, blah,
blah, blah." -- Gabriel
"I teleport out before he finishes his speech." -- Farad

"Lilith, I strongly suggest you give an order." -- Gabriel to Lilith

"You realize that the shapeshifter is better than any you have ever seen."
-- GM
"Oh, he's gotta die now.  He's better than me." -- Rasa

"You realize that if you kill Farad anywhere near me, Farasa will be
formed." -- Rasa
"No I didn't.  Where will you be in the next week?" -- Gabriel

"Why don't you douse the cloaks with something that won't burn stone, but
burns cloaks?" -- Rasa
"And what would that be?" -- Colin
"How should I know?" -- Rasa

"Why don't we just leave Amber and go to your universe?" -- Rasa
"Are you kidding?  I just got this job.  I'm not going to fuck up today."
-- Colin

"I notice that (Farad) is making the 'lame' symbol as he casts the spell."
-- Patrick to the group at large

"I Trump Paris again." -- Alastair
"There's no response." -- GM
"I throw Paris' Trump away." -- Alastair

"I rain fiery death down on the mage." -- Colin
"Are you still standing next to the mage?" -- GM
"No!" -- Bonaparte

"How much does taking a Trump contact impair me?" -- Alastair
"Normally, it impairs you a lot, but you're not doing very well." -- GM

"Look, when you put some Shadow-hating assassin in charge of Amber, you
deserve what you get." -- Colin to the group at large
"You're sitting there in a pile of manure." -- GM
"I hide." -- Colin

"Lilith, someone's slapping you." -- GM
"Again?" -- Lilith

"Any relative of yours is a relative of mine.  Except for your mother's
side and stuff." -- Alastair to Random

"You find yourself on a barren plain near Chaos." -- GM
"I call a stewardess.  'Stewardess, this plane is barren!'" -- Alastair

"Duncan's lying there naked on the ground." -- GM
"I conjure clothes for him, since I don't want to see that." -- Colin

"I cast Weaken Structure on the chains." -- Rasa
"Or you could just use the keys hanging by the door." -- GM

"I push the contact." -- Alastair
"Your Trump of Oberon bursts into flames." -- GM
"Can I borrow your Trump of Oberon?" -- Alastair to Duncan

"I grow armor, just in case someone's sword tries to nick me or
something." -- Rasa to GM

"Whose sword is (Greyswandir)?" -- Gabriel
"Lilith's.  Corwin gave it to her after he died." -- Rasa
"Where is Rasa?" -- Alastair
"Out in Shadow." -- Lilith
"Where is Colin?" -- Alastair
"In the castle." -- Lilith
"And where is Bonaparte?" -- Alastair
"Being prepared for burial." -- Lilith

"Gabriel, Farad comes up close to you." -- GM
"Not too close." -- Farad

"You look down and notice that you're standing in a pool of blood." -- GM
"I step out of it." -- Farad

"Oooh this is bad.  I've been poisoned.  Lilith, I'm unhappy." -- Duncan
to Lilith

"You wake up in Gabriel's arms." -- GM to Lilith
"As you have often dreamed." -- Tony

"Walking the Pattern will restore amnesia." -- Gabriel to the group at

"Excuse me, the Trojan horse is attempting to kidnap me." -- Alastair to

"Farad, why are you not in your cell?" -- Gabriel to Farad

"That way, I can take my revenge on Bonaparte.  Oh wait, he's dead." --
Duncan to GM

"Duncan reaches the center of the Pattern, teleports to his bedroom, and
goes to sleep." -- Duncan to GM

"Don't you know that Farad is the center of the universe?" -- Ian
"Farad, stop moving, don't you know what you're doing?" -- John
"You don't think that dressing up like ninjas is cool?" -- Mer to Steve

"'So, you're Finndo's son.  It's been many, many years since I've seen
him.'  Actually, Gerard has never met Finndo, so never mind." -- GM,
speaking as Gerard, to Sean

"I turn around and say 'Ah ha!'" -- Alastair
"It looks like Llewella." -- GM
"Is it Llewella?" -- Alastair
"No." -- GM
"Ah ha!" -- Alastair

"Duncan, it is Alastair.  Let go of me, or I'll crush your mind." --
"It's Alastair, all right." -- Duncan

"Well, at least you're underwater, so the blood probably won't stain your
clothes." -- Ian to Steve

"Farad, I would like the next thing to come up to be you, going to your
cell."  -- Gabriel to Farad

"What shall we do now, oh fearless leader?" -- Duncan
"Kill (the thing attacking us), and save me." -- Alastair

"I don't think Farad will be leaving his cell.  I think I've made that
quite clear." -- Gabriel to Lilith
"I teleport out of the cell." -- Farad to GM

"I will pay you ten gold sovereigns, if you take the fastest horse, that
likes to swim, to Rebma..." -- Alastair to a page

"I am not a madman, I carry Werewindle." -- Sean to the guards

"I thought you had amnesia?" -- Lilith to Colin, after he kisses her

"You (and Lilith) redrew the Pattern." -- Rasa
"What is that, some kind of mating ritual?" -- Colin
"It may as well be!" -- Rasa

"So, you were raping Alastair's mind..." -- Duncan
"Only once." -- Farad
"You know, if that really is Brand, you're going to have to give up that
sword."  -- Farad to Sean, referring to Werewindle

"Suddenly, a lightning bolt comes shooting at Farad." -- GM
"I duck." -- Farad
"Dude, it's light, you're not that fast." -- Dann

"I don't follow your logic, but I know what you mean." -- Steve to GM

"I whip it out and wiggle it around in the middle of nowhere." -- Sean to

"Rasa, I am going to ascertain whether you are not yourself.  Stop
squirming."  -- Alastair to Rasa

"Gabriel left one of the kitchen servants in charge of Amber's armies?" --
Lilith to GM

"If you'd been drinking piss all your life, you'd like it too." -- Dann to

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