Amber quotes, Sessions 11-15

"What is (Alastair) doing?" -- Farad
"He's trying to psychically dominate your chains." -- GM
"Is it working any better than the bolt cutters?" -- Farad

"So, does Bleys have any interesting objets d'art?" -- Alastair to Duncan

"You're not sure which of the 23 or so storage rooms (Oberon's) stuff is
in." -- GM
"Well, I have all night." -- Rasa

"I believe that Lilith holds (the throne) as strongly as anyone in the
past two years." -- Gabriel to Duncan

"(Farad's) free to leave, but he'll have to pay the bill." -- Alastair to

"I toss them a credit card and leave." -- Farad to GM
"You know, you have to sign for that." -- John
"I toss them a pen." -- Farad

"I deign to open the fortress that is my mind." -- Alastair to GM

"What are (Mara and Sebastian) doing with Brand's Pattern?" -- Farad
"Well, they've changed the color scheme completely." -- Alastair

"My condolences to you as well, having recently lost a loved one." -- Sand
"Who?" -- Farad
"Brand.  Your father." -- Sand
"Oh, I'm sure that he's fine." -- Farad

"Either Paris has a psyche as big or greater than yours, or he has some
trick to make Trump work better." -- GM
"Well, *obviously* he has some trick to make Trump work better." --

"Gabriel deigns to open the two-bedroom apartment that is his mind." --
Gabriel to Alastair

"Farad and Sebastian are both floating above the Pattern." -- GM to
"I'm better dressed." -- Farad

"Corwin liked Lilith." -- GM
"If he liked me so much, why did he give me this damn job?" -- Lilith

"I'd be more than happy to give this to Lilith.  Oh wait, I don't lie." --
Alastair to Eric
"You guys are at the Pattern room." -- GM
"Wow, it's a lot bigger than it was in the brochures." -- Paris

"Good idea." -- Paris
"Why do you think so, Paris?" -- Alastair
"Um, because you came up with it." -- Paris

"May I see your Trump?" -- Paris to Alastair
"I give the Trump to Paris." -- Alastair to GM
"May I see the Rebman Jewel?" -- Lilith to Alastair
"I give the Rebman Jewel to Lilith." -- Alastair to GM
"Do you have something for me, Uncle Alastair?" -- Colin
"Bend over." -- Alastair

"(Duncan) is fighting you vociferously." -- GM to Farad
"How do you fight someone vociferously?" -- Kris to GM
"Apparently it's thesaurus day." -- Dann

"You hear a voice in your head saying 'I am the Great and Mighty Farad!'"
-- GM to Duncan
"I don't say 'Great and Mighty.'  That's just implied." -- Farad

"You are Trumped by somebody you've never seen before.  His name is Baril."
-- GM to Gabriel

"It occurs to you that you've stopped on the Pattern, which is bad." -- GM
"Well, I continue then." -- Alastair
"It also occurs to you that you've walked the Pattern already within the last
six hours, so doing it again is rather stupid, but it's too late." -- GM

"Must... use... my... Trump... to... feed... me... energy." -- Alastair
"That's nice, but I don't have your Trump." -- Paris

"I stop." -- Farad
"You've realized that the fortress that is my mind is unbreachable." --
"That's not it." -- GM

"If you give me some kind of weird venereal disease, I'll be very pissed at
you." -- Duncan to Farad

"Hey, Lilith, can I command your armies when (Gabriel) is dead?" -- Duncan
to Lilith

"The thing about Gabriel is that he just reeks competence." -- Farad to

"Yes, I am willing to be transferred into Rasa's body." -- Farad to Duncan
"Just think, it'll be the closest you've been to a woman in a long time."
-- Colin

"You saw the end of Star Trek IV, right?  That's what (Colin's) doing." --
"He's swimming in San Francisco Bay with whales?" -- Kris

"I open the grass hut that is my mind." -- Duncan to GM

"I open the giant Death Star that is my mind." -- Rasa to GM

"Hey, Farad, got any cool secrets?" -- Rasa
"No." -- Farad

"Who are you?" -- wizard
"I say 'I am Fnor.'  And I kill him." -- Gabriel to GM

"Farad is very egocentric and megalomaniacal." -- GM to Rasa
"Now tell us something we didn't know." -- Kris

"When you say nothing happens, I presume you mean the bolt doesn't strike
me, not that it goes around the sword and hits me, like it normally would."
-- Gabriel to GM

"Mara takes a full-frontal attack in the back." -- GM to the group at large

"You take a moment to kill the five sorcerers with power feedback." -- GM
"Were they nice people?  Will I regret this?" -- Farad

"Now that Mara's dead, I can be Queen of Chaos." -- Rasa to the group at

"You display a surprising lack of humanity.  Corwin was wise to choose
you." -- Gabriel to Lilith

"You've held many a sword in your hand.  Never have you felt one this
neat." -- Tony, paraphrasing the GM

"You can't get rid of the sword to someone who does not accept it." --
"Well, maybe you should have mentioned that before you gave it to me." --

"Do you know how many men died because I held my hand?" -- Gabriel to

"I think it's highly unlikely that you are my son." -- Gabriel to his
daughter, Rebecca

"(Rebecca) describes your wife very clearly, even though she's rather vague
about it." -- GM to Gabriel
"Just because I have a couch on the information highway, doesn't mean you
have to use it." -- GM to Patrick

"Rasa, give me my Trumps back." -- Alastair to Farasa
"Wait, are there any cool ones in there?" -- Farad

"You run into Gabriel, who points his sword at your throat." -- GM
"Oh.  We stop then." -- Farasa

"I shapeshift back.  Can I shapeshift back?" -- Rasa to GM

"So, you are Farad's horse?" -- Bonaparte to Rasa

"Alastair and Paris disappeared in a rainbow of light." -- GM
"Again?" -- Lilith

"If I've done this right, neither Rasa nor Farad will be able to leave
this pentagram." -- Bleys
"So, why are we inside of it?" -- Paris

"I don't seem to be able to disentangle (Rasa) from Farad." -- Bleys to Paris
"That's because you suck, Bleys." -- Farad

"Do you question my love for my daughter?" -- Bleys to Paris
"I do!" -- Rasa
"I think I just did, but perhaps that was a bad idea." -- Paris

"You're at Flora's place.  There's a door bell.  There's a knocker.  A big
knocker." -- GM to Alastair

"Good to see you've traded up." -- Alastair to Flora, upon seeing her new

"If I were in charge in Amber, everyone would have to wear their underwear
on the outside." -- Paris
"This is why Corwin did not name you his successor." -- Lilith

"(Your daughter) wants to have breakfast with you in bed and talk to you."
-- GM
"So, *that's* how it is in that family." -- Steve
"I think we'll sit at the table." -- Gabriel

"Since I'm stuck in here for a while, I'm going to practice
shapeshifting." -- Farad
"OK, you turn into a big puddle of goo, and you can't change back." -- GM
"I leave you alone in my body for five minutes..." -- Rasa

"Just open your mind completely and (Rasa) will be so repulsed that she'll
go away." -- Farad to Paris

"I want to question Farad, preferably under torture." -- Bonaparte to Lilith
"Well, if you want to be tortured while you question him, go right ahead."
-- Paris

"I'd still rather have my body.  Wait a minute, it's all beaten up!" --
Farad to GM

"Farad is many things, but he's not a murderer.  Well, actually..." --
Alastair to Bonaparte

"Is that you, Farad?" -- Alastair
"I write in flaming letters 'Worship me.'" -- Farad to GM
"It's Farad." -- Alastair

"Several tons of water pour through the Trump contact." -- GM
"I take a tray from breakfast and surf." -- Alastair

"I can burn your head." -- Farad
"I can poke out your eyes." -- Alastair
"You have a point." -- Farad

"Is there some reason (Farad) is circling your head?" -- Bonaparte
"He's trying to communicate, but he's not saying anything intelligent. 
Ow!" -- Alastair

"Farad, shut up." -- Alastair
"I set (Alastair's) hair on fire." -- Farad to GM
"I kick (Farad's) body in the head." -- Alastair to GM
"Ow." -- Farad, not very sincerely
"I cut the tip of Farad's body's finger off and say 'Please don't do that
again.'" -- Paris to GM
"Ow." -- Farad, not very sincerely
"It'll hurt when you get your body back." -- Paris

"Why am I not King?" -- Alastair
"Because you have not married Lilith." -- Bonaparte

"By all means, summon Duncan or Gabriel." -- Alastair to Paris and Bonaparte
"Duncan has been standing in the corner the whole time." -- Patrick
"Duncan, your ninja skills have served you well." -- Alastair

"I look for a fireplace, so I won't look out of place." -- Farad the fire
demon, to GM

"(Farad's) body is burning quickly." -- GM
"Sort of puts that finger-cutting thing in perspective." -- Paris to Farad

"I put the fire out with my cloak." -- Alastair
"Actually, the body is ash now, but you're scattering the ashes nicely." -- GM

"I'm talking, which means nobody gets to fight." -- Gabriel to Farad and

"Sorry about the wolves." -- Farad to Duncan

"It hurts a lot when I test it, right?" -- Rasa
"Yes." -- GM
"Then I don't test it." -- Rasa

"The funerals are starting in ten minutes." -- GM
"They can't be starting in ten minutes, I have to shower." -- Alastair
"The funerals are starting in half an hour." -- GM

"The throne is mine, get out of the way!" -- Eric to Gabriel
"I actually slept on the throne last night." -- Bonaparte to Paris
"Dawn is setting and Tir-na Nog'th will be up soon." -- GM to the group at

"Bite me." -- Colin
"I've had to do it twice." -- Rasa
"Bit me?" -- Colin

"I want him grown to maturity, but with no personality and no education."
-- Alastair
"Well, it *is* Farad!" -- Group at large

"I Trump Caine." -- Alastair
"No answer." -- GM
"We just put him in the ground today.  Keep up." -- Gabriel

"I sleep lightly, fully expecting one of these elders to kill me like they
did my father." -- Bonaparte
"I go outside of Bonaparte's quarters and make noises like I'm going to
assassinate him." -- Duncan

"I doubt I'll reach (Bonaparte) in time (to help Lilith)." -- Alastair
"Go ahead, I'll bet you can do it." -- Colin

"(Bonaparte) reaches down with his burning hand." -- GM
"Nope, the other hand.  Nice try, though." -- Bonaparte

"Why do you wish to duel with me?" -- Alastair
"I do not wish to duel with you.  I'm only making idle chatter on our
deathbeds." -- Bonaparte

"I return to my chambers." -- Alastair
"As do I.  Not to Alastair's quarters but my own." -- Duncan

"Allow me to say exactly what I mean." -- Alastair
"That would be a refreshing change." -- Lilith

"Do you remember when we were raising that army to attack Chaos?  That was
fun.  I haven't had fun in a long time." -- Rasa
"Go on a date." -- Alastair

"Eric smacks you across the face with his gauntlets." -- GM
"Both of them?" -- Gabriel
"Yes." -- GM
"One would have sufficed." -- Gabriel to Eric

"I Trump Eric with every erg of my mental power." -- Alastair
"You're getting a headache." -- GM

"I pick (the gun) up." -- Duncan
"It bursts into flames." -- GM
"I put it back down again." -- Duncan

"I am of the blood of Amber.  Why would I kill those who gave me
sanctuary?" -- Bonaparte to Lilith

"Hey Rasa, what's up?" -- Gerard
"That's Gerard, a man for the nineties." -- Dann

"Is anyone in this room strange in any peculiar way?" -- Alastair to GM

"I talk to the colorful French chef, who's name is Maurice." -- Alastair
"Well, hello Senior Alastair!" -- GM
"I thought he was French?" -- Kris
"He's colorful, now be quiet." -- GM

"Cutting even an Amberite in half with a Pattern sword will slow them
down." -- Tony to the group at large

"I'm sure most of the castle is not handicap accessible." -- Alastair to GM
"Granted, if I was really, really sneaky, I'd do something, but I'm not."
-- Rasa to Colin

"If (the evil demon guys) invite you to join them, the answer would be
yes." -- Tony to John

"Rasa was saying earlier that some of your actions would be considered
less than intelligent." -- Gabriel to Bonaparte
"I didn't say it like that." -- Rasa
"No, I was being polite." -- Gabriel

"(Reverting Bonaparte to his true form) won't prove anything." -- Lilith
"No, but it will confuse the situation even more, which isn't such a bad
thing."  -- Rasa

"It occurs to you that you should Trump Farad.  Oh wait, Trump don't work
there, so you'll have to go there in person." -- GM to Alastair

"Excuse me while I escape you." -- Bonaparte to Gabriel
"I put my hand on my sword in a threatening fashion." -- Gabriel to GM
"I leap for the window." -- Bonaparte to GM
"I put my sword in his hamstring in a threatening fashion." -- Gabriel to

"While it may not mean much, I like Rasa, and I'm trying real hard to like
Farad, but Farasa has already pissed me off." -- Gabriel to Farasa

"I run away." -- Farasa
"How are you going to run away?" -- GM
"Fast." -- Farasa

"Are you desperate or really desperate?" -- GM
"Really desperate." -- Farasa
"You jump off the ramparts." -- GM
"Were we that desperate?" -- Farasa

"I think we should negotiate this further." -- Gabriel
"Negotiate hell, we've got the wings." -- Farasa

"You're walking through Shadow, and suddenly an earthquake destroys 10,000
of your troops." -- GM
"We leave that Shadow, fast." -- Bonaparte

"You are really impressed that Gabriel jumped off the ramparts of Tir-na
Nog'th." -- GM to Farasa
"Is impressed really the adjective you're looking for?" -- Dann

"Is that the Jewel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" --
"Uh, a little of both." -- Colin

"Maybe babies can just sense the negative chi in Andrew; you know, like if
Shang Tsung were holding a baby in his arms, thinking about how he would
like to eat her soul.  It's kind of like that." -- Steve to the group at
large, discussing Andy's bad luck with Kayla

"Bonaparte and an army of really tasteless clothes have taken over the
kingdom of Guilder." -- Alastair to Lilith and Gabriel

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