Amber quotes, Sessions 1-5

"I'm sure Julian would be more then willing to discuss his sexual history
with you." -- Gabriel
"He might also slap me across the face." -- Rasa
"There are many ways to educate." -- Gabriel

"Is it cold and Trumpy?" -- Alastair to GM
"Well, I'm really not sure I should do this, but you're a god, so I guess
I have to." -- Shadow sucker to Colin

"I push (the Shadow) through the contact" -- Colin
"He falls off of the cliff." -- GM
"Oh well.  Guess you weren't worthy, pal." -- Colin

"The knife goes through (the Trump contact) and comes out of your grasp. 
It's sticking out of Alastair's shoulder." -- GM to Colin
"I bleed and scream." -- Alastair

"You, page, is Gabriel in the castle?  Wait, why would he be?  I kicked
him out.  Good thinking!  You pass the test." -- Alastair to a page

"What are you doing?" -- GM
"We're doing what every Amber group does.  Waffle." -- Steve

"And how does this information reach me?" -- Alastair
"It just does." -- GM

"So to recap: Bill Roth - cool, Corwin - dick, Flora - bitch." -- Dann to
the group at large

"Well, we do have this convenient, close to the Abyss, reference point. 
Of course you were unconscious then." -- Gabriel to Farad

"Come on, Pattern boy, impress me." -- Farad to Colin

"Whatever happened to the 'I'll meet you at the Abyss' part?" -- Colin
"We're at the Abyss." -- Farad
"You're IN the Abyss." -- Colin

"Well, you haven't done anything stupid in front of me lately.  Other than
piss yourself." -- Colin
"Like I was planning to do that." -- Alastair

"I'm going to strand you in a Shadow of piss.  You'll have to drink your
way out.  We'll see who's laughing then." -- Alastair to Colin

"Your beast is sitting there dying." -- GM
"Well, as long as I'm OK." -- Colin
"Raise your hand if you're in the Abyss." -- GM

"(Alastair's) at the Primal Pattern.  When I say at, I mean stuck." -- Ian
to Kris

"I passed out after I was hit by several thousand volts, yes.  Guilty." --
Farad to Colin

"I let (the Griffin) sniff my hand, but I won't let him bite it off." --
Alastair to GM

"I'm going to hypnotize the Griffin." -- Alastair to GM

"(Alastair's) trying to make mental contact with the person who
brain-raped him.  I just want to point this out." -- Dann to the group at

"Your ears wiggle a little bit" -- GM
"Wow, I didn't know I could do that." -- Alastair
"Normally you can't." -- GM
"I have become more powerful!" -- Alastair

"I had a strange mental contact in the place of bondage.  I mean the place
where I was bound." -- Alastair

"(Corwin) beat up Flora and shot Lilith." -- Rasa
"Why, did she poorly schedule some appointment for him?" -- Alastair

"You think you've had bad days?  Look at Alastair.  He's pissed himself
and been mind-raped on the Primal Pattern." -- Colin
"Yeah, but he's still got his Trump deck." -- Rasa
"Actually, I'm on my second one." -- Alastair

"Perhaps you should take better care of your possessions." -- Bleys
"But Dad, (Corwin's) bigger than me." -- Rasa

"Well, if I can't come with you, I guess I'll have to go to some corner of
Shadow and chew wet cigarette butts." -- Rasa to Colin

"You are approached by Death Star-like, Abyss-traveling ships with laser
weapons." -- GM
"I avoid them." -- Farad

"One of your ships is destroyed, but it's not the one you're on." -- GM
"Well, if I had to pick a ship, it would be the one farthest from me." --

"(Colin's) shouting something you can't hear into the Abyss" -- GM to Farad
"See, that's why I wanted to conjure a giant floating head." -- Colin

"We only *think* it's Farad" -- Colin
"Well, that's good enough.  If it isn't Farad, we'll just kill him." -- Rasa

"Were those your electric flying beasts?" -- Colin
"They were." -- Farad
"We were fed up with people attacking us so we decided to destroy them."
-- Colin
"You were pretty good." -- Farad

"Hey, they all speak Thari if we talk slow and loud enough." -- Sand to
the group at large

"I'll have to check the base of the cliff.  Not for Bleys but for the
Trump deck." -- Lilith to GM

"Gabriel, did you swear allegiance to Corwin?" -- GM
"Not unless he asked me to." -- Gabriel
"So you do swear loyalty to him?" -- GM
"Sure, whatever." -- Gabriel

"OK, this is what apparently happened.  My dad is missing..." -- Rasa
"Yes!" -- Alastair

"I'm sorry about your dad too.  Except, I really didn't want your dad to
be king.  Um, no offense." -- Rasa to Alastair

"Trump Brand, oh giant mind!" -- Colin to Alastair
"Does anyone know what the Jewel of Judgment can do?" -- Corwin
"Well, it makes a nice glow." -- Alastair

"Why were you guys trying to find Brand when you wanted to kill him?" -- Lilith
"Well, it's tough to kill him when someone else is trying." -- Alastair

"If you were God, you could have all the ice cream you wanted." -- Alastair
"I wish I was a god.  I really like ice cream.  As God, I could eat a lot
of ice cream." -- Farad

"I'm the most devious person here, and I don't want to kill anyone." -- Farad
"That's a pretty egotistical thing to say." -- Colin
"I'm also the most egotistical person here." -- Farad

"So, do you speak?" -- Lilith to Wixer
"Nope." -- GM
"I presume that's the GM saying 'nope,' not the Griffin saying 'nope.'" --

"I suppose if you consider flailing on the Third Veil until Fiona comes
along to remove you transporting out, then Alastair would be in the
right." -- Colin to Lilith

"And knowing that your mind is titanically larger than mine..." -- Colin
to Alastair

"Brand has been kidnapped." -- Colin
"That's good.  How did you kidnap him?" -- Fiona
"I didn't." -- Colin
"Oh darn.  You should have more initiative." -- Fiona

"Back, stay back, or the couch gets it!" -- Alastair

"Let us question this couch." -- Sand

"That's a very noble goal." -- Sand
"Well, it's also the only one that won't get me killed." -- Rasa

"There's this very powerful Pattern-based spell going off into Shadow." -- GM
"That would probably be the source." -- Lilith

"You suggested destroying the Pattern, and you're surprised that they
attacked you?" -- Alastair to Brand

"What are you guys doing, going to Club Med." -- Lilith
"We're going to club Farad." -- Rasa

"We're going to Trump Brand, just in case he's being beaten by Farad." -- Sand

"I get the impression that (Alastair) was in bondage for a long time." -- GM

"Dad's a dick, isn't he?" -- Rasa about Bleys

"Give me your dagger, too." -- Brand
"I don't have a dagger." -- Sand
"You pull one out and give it to him." -- GM
"I seem to have developed a new power." -- Sand

"(Brand) stabs you in the middle of the chest with a long dagger." -- GM
"I break off contact, as quickly as possible." -- Alastair

"Brand is in your mind." -- GM
"I take him." -- Alastair
Of all the things you've done before, that seems to have the most
success." -- GM

"Your blood as poured all over the Pattern in large gouts." -- GM
"Oh, how peculiar." -- Alastair

"Once more around for everyone, except for Alastair.  You're done for the
day." -- GM

"Do we need to review my character sheet?  I don't recall having bad
stuff.  I could be wrong." -- Steve

"I draw my sword and spur my horse in his direction." -- Gabriel
"Whoops!  Is Gerard there too?" -- Farad
"Yes, he just fired an arrow at you." -- GM
"Oh, that's bad." -- Farad

"You can't talk to (Farad) if you kill him.  It's hard to question dead
people." -- Rasa
"We were just trying to disable him." -- Gabriel
"I don't think that drawing your sword and shooting arrows at him says
'disable me.'" -- Rasa

"Wixer is dead." -- GM
"Yes, yes!  It was worth it!" -- Alastair

"Why don't you walk the Pattern?" -- Lilith
"I would, but I'm being chased by psychopaths." -- Farad
"Your clothes are torn and covered in blood." -- GM
"Am I wounded?" -- Alastair
"You don't appear to be." -- GM
"I've obviously vanquished a horde of foes." -- Alastair

"There's something in my bed that Corwin may be interested in seeing." -- Sand

"Well if Bleys wasn't dicking me in another game, I'd be more inclined to
trust him." -- Patrick
"Isn't that a personal thing, and are you sure you want to share it with
the group?" -- John

"(Alastair's) clothing changes." -- GM
"Of course.  The clothes he was wearing were totally inappropriate." -- Lilith
"You *are* Flora's attache." -- Dann

"Put this man in shackles." -- Corwin
"Who am I to defy the King?" -- Sand

"We caught Farad." -- Corwin
"Caught is perhaps too strong a word.  I turned myself in." -- Farad

"(Walking the Pattern) gets really hard and you stop." -- GM
"OK, I turn around and go the other way." -- Gabriel

"At noon tomorrow we will blind you." -- Gerard
"OK, thanks." -- Farad

"This has never happened to me before." -- Gabriel to Fiona, about being
stuck on the Pattern

"That's what Fiona does...  Things to people." -- Gabriel

"How did you approach her?" -- Fiona
"With flowers." -- Colin
"I told you jewelry." -- Lilith
"Shut up!" -- Colin

"We were doing fine up until (Flora) pointed out that I am your son and
shot at me." -- Colin to Fiona

"Yes, I stabbed Brand, but that in no way precludes me from working with
him in the future." -- Colin

"It bursts into flame about five inches from (Farad's) head." -- GM
"But does it continue?" -- Sand

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