Wow.  I'm never gonna get to do anything important.  Not like I
want to, anyway.  Look what happens when you steal the Jewel of Judgment
and do whatever it is you do with it?  You become a target for icky old
Uncle Brand.  What a toad he is.  I hope he dies when we spill Farad all
over his Pattern.  I'm totally sick of all this.  I really wish it would
be over soon.  The question is, how do you break a Black Road?  If I did
that, everything would be sort of OK, Uncle Corwin could take care of
Uncle Brand, and then I could go off and live some sort of Shadow life
very far away from everyone.

        I suppose great grandpa Dworkin knows how to fix everything.  I
suppose I shall have to go and find him, since Grandpa is out of reach,
and Uncle Corwin is about as useful as Dad, and Uncle Brand is a traitor
and all.  Boy.  Talk about disappointments.  I thought for sure Corwin or
Brand, if they were found, would be able to save us from having a nuisance
for a king, but let me tell you, no such luck there.    Geez.  They
really should just let me be Queen.

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