OK, talk about UNFAIR, this, THIS takes the cake.  Makes me wish
Gabriel weren't taking it so slow, you know?  'Cause he's been taking it
slow, and all we've been sharing are smoldering and/or tortured looks, and
a couple bouquets of flowers, and the usual save the throne of Amber stuff
for Lilith, but nothing beyond that, and now, we can't even share that
stuff any more, since Gabriel got his soul stuck in his sword, and even
his body is gone missing.

	Idiot.  I mean, this stunt is far more worthy of me than of
Gabriel.  Of course, it is my fault, for moving too soon and getting
tossed into Shadow.  That's when Gabriel got stuck in the sword -- some
time after I left him alone with Farad and Caine.  So not only is he
untouchable, it's also my fault.  Of course, I thought Gabriel knew better
than to let shit like that happen to him.

	Yeah, so, I've tried almost everything I can think of to do to get
him the hell out of the sword, if he's even in there.  Guess what doesn't
work?  Trumping Gabriel, Trumping the sword, talking to it, coaxing it,
walking the Pattern with it, asking to be taken to Gabriel...

	So, I'm sitting on my bed, with the sword planted point-first in
the floorboards, my forehead resting on the pommel.  It's a strange
picture, me in my short little ring-mail dress, this hulking, plain sword
planted between my legs...  If I could look up, face forward with a
confident glare, it would look like a cover of a dime-store fantasy novel. 
Red Rasadriel of Amber.  But I can't, because this all sucks way too much.

	Crud.  I'm going to sleep.  In the morning, I'm taking my problem
to a certified sorcerer.  If I can't find Dad, I think Lilith knows where
Fiona is.  Either or both of them should do in this instance...

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