If there is any one thing a shapeshifter can do well, it's move. 
Move against the air, move against water, move against whatever is
available...  We move so well, we can move our cells around independent of
each other, or move our heart to a more secure location, or move our brain
to our abdomen....

	I'm sure it makes sex all that much more interesting.  Not that
I've ever tried that out since I learned to shapeshift.  Damn.  I never
meant to stay a virgin this long.  That's what you get for spending too
much time in Chaos learning how to move -- sex just passes you by.  I
figure if you're old enough to walk the Pattern, you're old enough to have
it.  Or rather, Do It.  I am now three and a half YEARS overdue.

	Is virginity any sort of a problem that a daughter of Bleys should
be afflicted with?  NO!  Thus the reason for stepping up my plan of
courtship on Gabriel.  Tonight -- phase two.  I have plied him with gifts. 
I have made my interest clear, and have hopefully piqued his curiosity. 
The next step is to reveal myself as his admirer.... and reveal myself.

	So, what do I know how to do?  Move.

	And what do I need to do?  Seduce.

	So what's the next step?  Acquire seven veils.

	If that doesn't work, I am going to have to figure out another way
to get rid of it.

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