Where is that man, anyways, and what does he think I've been up to
that he can just leave a fifteen-year old girl to her wolfling cousins? 
Doesn't he know I go through Trump decks like water, anyways?  Drat that
drunken whoring bastard of a father....

	Not that I've felt like I actually have had need of him for some
years, not since the Pattern, and even less now since I went away to Chaos
for two years.  But he doesn't even know I'm not fifteen anymore!  That
I've grown, what, four inches, *all on my own,* no shapeshifting help... 
Or that I've become the best shifter in the family (that I know of). 
Piffle on him.  Wish he'd interfere just a little bit more.

	In any case, I'm thinking, I've got to do better to carve a niche
for myself here.  Childhood dreams must fall away.  I have to make myself
indispensable to the Crown.  And that's why I must walk the inconstant
un-Pattern at the other end of the universe.  I must learn all I can about
it, and thus, know enough about our enemies that Lilith will look on me as
a valuable counselor... and Gabriel will just look on me...

	Yes, well, anyways... enough of that.  Everything will be better
when I figure out how to take the Logrus.  I'm sure of it.  Absolutely.

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