I watch.  I wait.

	If I have learned anything these past two years, it is the virtue
of letting your seeds, once sown, grow by themselves.  And either the
seeds of what I have sown will fall on fertile ground, or they won't.  I
strongly suspect that Colin's ground is more fertile than Lilith's.  She
probably would prefer Gabriel, as I do.

	Which brings me to Gabriel.

	I have passed seventeen years all told now, and I have taken the
Pattern, and I have become a deft shapeshifter, and I have become a fairly
good medic, and I have kept myself alive long enough to become, for all
intents and purposes, a woman.  But I'm not really a woman, because I
haven't practiced any of the womanly arts, like seduction.  Well,
seduction is the one that weighs most heavily on my mind, anyway -- stands
out, most prominently.  (Besides, who really wants to practice the womanly
arts of childbearing and being left behind if there's a battle?  The
answer is -- not me.)

	I do not know what kinds of seeds to sow in Gabriel's general
direction, but if Colin moves quickly enough, and it becomes obvious that
Lilith's interest is busy elsewhere, I may have a better chance.  One must
prepare the ground, after all...

	So, I wait.  And I watch.

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