Geesh.  Suhuy knows a lot, but I had to tell him about the Jewel. 
I should be gratified, I s'pose.  I feel so young and useless around the
big guys back home.  And Suhuy is one of the big guys around here.  And I
still knew something he didn't.  Hm.  Give me a little time.  I'll be a
big guy too.  Even if I have to shapeshift myself into one.  At least, I
know how to do armor and Colin doesn't.  So all those comments about
handbags and pillows can just go up his butt.

	Paris sucks donkey butt, btw.  I mean, I told all those things to
Aunt Sand about being queen of the world and stuff, and it turns out to be
this stupid Paris guy, who just got stuck being his own mother.  Yeah,
right.  I know someone who is never going to get stuck shapeshifted as
someone else, and that someone is me.  I may get stuck shapeshifted as
something of my own creation, but that's something else entirely.

	So, what am I gonna do, Rasa?

	Well, Rasa, I think you should stay right here for a while with
your old uncle Suhuy (even if he's not really your uncle, but then again,
you don't like any of your real uncles, so Suhuy will do), and learn
everything you can for a little while, and *then* go back and kick some
ass.  If that's not a plan, I don't know what is.

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