Man.  My luck is about shot.  I mean, how many people, when going
into Shadow, are unlucky enough to stumble over the dead head of Corwin
*and* an amorphous blob that's really Sand -- only a guy Sand now?  If it
weren't for weird luck, I'd have no luck at all.

	I mean, that's just not normal.  Neither is practicing the fine
art of shapeshifting and getting stuck that way.  I don't know why Lilith
and Colin thought it was such a bad thing to get stuck, though.  If I had
gone to sleep, I probably would have woken up just fine.  I just needed to
relax everything a bit.  It's not the end of the world to have scales,
either.  Think of how convenient that is in a fight!  And claws, and
fangs, those are good things too.  I think the horns are mostly just for
show, though I suppose they could protect you from a head injury.  Not
that a head injury slows a person down all that much when it just heals
right back up.  Pretty decent of Suhuy to show me how to do all that. 
Nothing to get worried about.  Geez.  Lilith and Colin act like my parents
sometimes.  OK... not parents.  Just older siblings.

	Geez.  I bet I have to come to the coronation in human form, too. 
What's the deal with that, anyway?  Is there even going to be a
coronation?  It's probably not a good idea.  You never know how many
enemies you have until you have power....

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